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10 Muharram Public Holiday 2019 regarding Muharram-ul-Haram 1441 AH in Pakistan

11:14:00 AM

10 Muharram Public Holiday 2019 regarding Muharram-ul-Haram 1441 AH in Pakistan
10 Muharram Public Holiday 2019
10 Muharram Public Holiday 2019 regarding Muharram-ul-Haram 1441 AH in Pakistan

Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman, chairman of the Central Rauite-Hilal Committee Pakistan has announced that the Central Rauite-Hilal Committee Pakistan Council holds on (Saturday) August 31, 2019, to decide the Shariah of the moon on the month of Muharram 1441 AH. Meteorology held at Changi, University Road Karachi.
Police Holidays: Muharram-ul-Haram, police-vacations have been canceled. 1st of Muharram al-Haram, twenty-two scholars of the province have been banned from going out of the city and province's Ulema has been banned. Public Holidays 2019 have been banned which will come into force on the 1st of Muharram. The federal government has approved the security plan for Muharram al-Haram 1441 AH.
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa declares public holiday on 1st Muharram. As per details, the government Khyber Pakhtunkhwa also issued a declaration regarding the first holiday to Muharram. According to a provincial government, the 1st Muharram was a public holiday across the province. On the other hand, the security arrangements in Muharram al-Haram 1441 AH will be further strengthened.

Sindh: Now a double ride has been banned during the Muharram-ul-Haram 1441 AH in Karachi. In Balochistan, double rides will also be banned. In addition, displaying weapons, posters and wall chalking are also banned. According to a statement, the sale of all kinds of books, hate content, magazines and castes will also be banned.
Islamabad: In Islamabad, the district the administration has banned double riders on motorcycles in the context of Muharram-ul-Haram 1441 AH, while it has also decided to suspend mobile services during a procession of Muharram-ul-Haram in Lahore.
Two Public Holidays: Remember that 2 holidays were also announced across the country. Federal government announces 9th and 10th Muharram holidays nationwide. According to the notification issued two days ago, on September 9 and 10, the 9th and 10th Muharram-ul-Haram 1441 AH series will have a general holiday in Punjab, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Gilgit-Baltistan and Azad Kashmir. In addition, 12 districts of Punjab have been declared sensitive during Muharram-ul-Haram. The Home Department also alerted the security agencies in this regard. However, Pakistan Army is being deployed in 26 districts and Rangers are being deployed in 8 districts.
Balochistan: In his message, Commissioner provincial Division Syed Faisal Ahmed and Deputy Commissioner Subi Syed Zahid Shah have said that the month of Muharram al-Haram teaches peace to Muslims. This month is the great sacrifice of the new Prophet who created new blood and heat in the veins of Islam. For a noble cause, martyr Karbala preserved the sanctity of Islam by observing his own life.
He said that during the Muharram al-Haram, all the Ulema should cooperate with each other in keeping with the atmosphere of brotherhood. He said that full security arrangements have been made during Muharram al-Haram. All internal and external routes of the city. Police and law enforcement agencies are keeping a watchful eye on suspects.
He said that during the Muharram al-Haram, no one would be allowed to visit shops and houses on procession routes. The procession lanes will be closed with tents and barbed wire. He said that over 500 policemen, FC, and Balochistan Constabulary personnel were performing duties during Muharram al-Haram, while police and F at various squares and places were performing. Police personnel and FC personnel will also be on patrol during the procession to maintain security and protect the loyalists.

10 Muharram Public Holiday 2019 regarding Muharram-ul-Haram 1441 AH in Pakistan
10 Muharram Public Holiday 2019 regarding Muharram-ul-Haram 1441 AH in Pakistan 10 Muharram Public Holiday 2019 regarding Muharram-ul-Haram 1441 AH in Pakistan Reviewed by Ilmilog on 11:14:00 AM Rating: 5

School Information System SIS App 2019 Latest News School Education Department

8:23:00 PM
School Information System SIS App 2019 Latest News School Education Department
School Information System SIS App 2019

Order No-DD-M/HRMS-2019 by Punjab GOVERNMENT SCHOOL-EDUCATION DEPARTMENT SED (MONITORING-WING) dated Lahore the 22nd August 2019.

2. In order to bring 100% authenticity and reliability In HRMS & SIS data, data records under HRMS and SIS portal, are being unlocked i.e. 23-08-2019 as a Secretary School directions in the Education department. Hence, the option of EDIT is open from 23rd of August. 2019 to 31st of August 2019 for data correction/updating. The concerned AEO and school Head  (e.g Primary school) will ensure correction or teachers data entry in the Portal after the verification of official documents.
3. The following procedure shall be rooked while making the correction and adding information on the said portal:-
i. No new teacher can be added to any school. ii. No teacher can be removed from any school without QR code. Residential Address. Email Address, Contact Number, Manta! Status and working as Head will always be editable from the school's tablet. Iv. Name and CNIC number will not be editable. v. The personate number of teachers verified by PIFRA will not editable vi. A personate number of teachers not verified by PIFRA will be editable during correction-round of data. vii. Teachers' NADRA Date of Birth DOB with verified status is not editable. Similarly, other teachers data fields are editable in data correction and verification round. IX. During that correction-round of data, new posts can be added. X. Head of Schools will vanish those-posts only during correction-round of data where no assigned teacher.
4. similarly, all supervisory staff i.e. DEO-SE, DEOs EE, Dy. DEOs M&Wwill ensure verification-correction of data. A school head can retain the copies of a document of teachers in service for record in further support and for uploaded information in the future. The concerned CEO DEA shall confirm and check at the end of entering that data.
Daily Attendance of Students:
All Chief Executive Officers, District Education Authorities, Punjab.
No. DD (M)/Enrollment-campaign/2018 GOVERNMENT OF PUNJAB SCHOOL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT (MONITORING WING) Dated Lahore the 22nd August 2019
2 It is informed that the Competent Authority has directed that each Head of the school shall ensure attendance of all enrolled students of the school through school tablet and attendance of students shall be completed before 10:00 AM daily. Additional, the region guiding staff will wage astonishment visits to schools for the obedience of the similar.
3. It is entreated to broadcast the above directions to Craniums of seminaries and lower formation or district supervisory staff to ensure amenability or available attendance of scholars finished university tablet and no carelessness will be stood in this respect.

Enrollment Campaign Order:
No. DD (M)/Enrollment-campaign/2018 GOVERNMENT  PUNJAB SED SCHOOL-EDUCATION DEPARTMENT (MONITORING WING) Dated Lahore the 22nd August 2019
2 It is informed that the school-wise enrollment target for each District is available on the School Information System (SIS). Each Head of school and District, the supervisory staff is required to gear up efforts by engaging all stakeholders to achieve the set target of enrollment during the 2nd round of enrollment campaign to be ended on 31st October 2019.
3. It is demanded to permit on essential guidelines to inferior construction to brand the matriculation crusade a success. Furthermore, the concerned Chief Executive Officer, DEA shall ensure updating/entry of enrollment data into the Student Information System (SIS) through DEOs/Dy. DEOs/Focal Persons. New/revised enrollment school-specific targets for each The district has been placed in the SIS App.
Revised Timeline for Data verification:
No. DD (M)/SIS/2018 Monitoring wing SED Punjab Government Dated Lahore the 01st August 2019.
2. The Competent Authority has approved the following timelines for data correction in School information System (SIS) and adjustment of promoted teachers, to be observed by the District Education Authorities in Punjab:-
Start date is 03-08-2019 (Saturday) and the end date is 06-08-2019 (Tuesday): Schools will add, edit or remove sanctioned posts as per the budget book. Schools will assign the appropriate sanctioned post to the teachers. Schools will correct the designation, subject, and grade of the teachers. CEOs will remove teachers from schools (based on retirement, death, resignation).
Start date is 07-08-2019 (Wednesday) and the end date is 08-08-2019 (Thursday): Promoted teachers with their new designation, subject grade & seniority number will be tagged as under:-
• Teachers in BS-19 & BS-20 and teachers disposal by SED.
• Teachers in BS-17 & BS-18 and teachers disposal by DPI (SE).
• All other teachers promoted in BS-16 & below CEOs.
Start date is 09-08-2019 (Friday) and end date is 15-08-2019 (Thursday): Promoted teachers will give preferences for placement.
Start date is 16-08-2019 (Friday) and end date is 18-08-2019 (Sunday): Verification of posts and applications.
Start date is 19-08-2019 (Monday) and end date is 19-08-2019 (Monday) Placement of teachers in new school and issuance of transfer orders.
Start date is 20-08-2019 Tuesday) and end date is 27-08-2019 (Tuesday): Relieving/Joining of promoted teachers in the n schools.
3. You are therefore requested to concerned DE0s/AEOs and Heads data into School Information System a promoted teachers within the given timeline.
2. Reportedly, the exercise of verification of enrolled students on the part of District Education Authorities is still under process, to be completed within 03 days.
3. You are requested to ensure verification of enrolled children through a dashboard of School Education Department's website and each student is given verification status as given on dashboard and the data shall be completed before 31-07-2019 without any further time delay.
4. Moreover, the following User Name and Password will be used to login into the dashboard:-
User Name: District name Password: abc@123

School Information System SIS App 2019 Latest News School Education Department School Information System SIS App 2019 Latest News School Education Department Reviewed by Ilmilog on 8:23:00 PM Rating: 5

Promotion of Secondary School Teachers SSTs in 2019 Service Rules Meeting

8:48:00 PM

There are many core issues regarding Secondary School Teachers SSTs in Punjab School Education Department. Seniority is one of these issues. It is considered that the issue should be resolved to promote the in-service secondary school Teachers. A large number of secondary school teachers are awaiting for promotion in the next grade. They recruited in BPS-16 and retired in the same regular scale without promotion.
There are a large number of vacant posts of Headmasters and subject specialist in the school education department Punjab but higher authorities are not taking notice of misbehavior with these teachers in Punjab. Punjab government is still silent to solve this core issue regarding secondary school teachers. There are different SST seniority issues like joining, date of birth or date of passing B.Ed. etc.
Educators in Punjab are recruited after the year 2000 on a contract basis in the government of General Pervez Musharaf. It was the start to recruit the teachers on a contract basis but after protest and meetings, this issue was resolved in the year 2009. All teachers recruited as educators from 2000 to 2009 were regularized. After regularization of these all educators, there was the main issue of seniority of these teachers. But still, it has not been resolved. Now service rules review committee meeting is being recently scheduled on 23-08-2019 to resolve these seniority issues in the committee room of the school education department.
17Th August 2019
SUBJECT: SERVICE RULES REVIEW COMMITTEE MEETING it is directed to refer to this Department's Notification of even number dated 30-07-2019 regarding the subject cited above and to state that a meeting to review the existing service rules to redress the ambiguities especially for promotion from SSTs to Subject Specialists and the seniority issues are scheduled to be held on 23-08-2019 at 10.00 a.m. in the Committee Room of School Education Department.
2. I am, further, directed to request you to kindly attend the above meeting as per scheduled date and time mentioned above.
 (MUHAMMAD SHABBIR) Section Officer (Promotion-II)
That above letter is a positive sign for all secondary school teachers SSTs in this regard. All secondary school teachers are praying and hope that the government will take a good step in the future. It is a request to secretary schools Punjab to take serious action for the promotion of SSTs as a Subject Specialist. There is a second way to promote these SSTs as a Headmaster of schools in regular grade 17. Quaid-e-Azam Educational Development Academy QAED is taking the initiative to promote SSTs as Headmaster after training of one the month of senior-most SSTs of different districts of Punjab.
A green signal for SSTs has been started this year. All Secondary school teachers will be happy to know that there is no issue of their seniority and the school education department is serious to promote them as a Subject Specialist SS and permanent Headmasters of schools in Punjab. All officers and officials who are being invited to this meeting should be happy to attend this meeting and resolve all previous issues.

Promotion of Secondary School Teachers SSTs

Promotion of Secondary School Teachers SSTs in 2019 Service Rules Meeting
Promotion of Secondary School Teachers SSTs in 2019 Service Rules Meeting Promotion of Secondary School Teachers SSTs in 2019 Service Rules Meeting Reviewed by Ilmilog on 8:48:00 PM Rating: 5

Working Days after Eid ul Azha 2019 Eid Adha 1440AH Holidays

9:26:00 AM
Order by Punjab Government Services General Administration Wing regarding working days after Eid ul Azha 2019 Eid Adha 1440AH dated 08-08-2019.
1. All Section In charges. Archives and Libraries-Wing, (S&GAD) 2. All-Section In charges. Official language Committee, (S&GAD)
That is directed to a subject cited above. In pursuance of Notification No. Sow-I(S&GAD)1-4/2018 (P-III) dated 06 08.2019, the Competent Authority has directed that 16 & 17 August. 2019 (Friday and Saturday) will be a working day. Therefore, all Officers / Officials will come on above-mentioned dates and nobody can apply for leave these-days strict action Otherwise shall be taken against the Officials and Officers of the department, S&GAD, and Official Language Committee. S&GAD under PEEDA ACT, 2006. 
1 PS to Secretary, Archives & Libraries Wing, (S&GAD) 2 P A to Director (Archives), Archives & Libraries Wing, S&GAD 3. Office Copy

Working Days after Eid ul Azha 2019
Working-Days after Holidays of Eid-ul-Azha 2019 Eid Adha 1440AH
Working Days after Eid ul Azha 2019 Eid Adha 1440AH Holidays Working Days after Eid ul Azha 2019 Eid Adha 1440AH Holidays Reviewed by Ilmilog on 9:26:00 AM Rating: 5

Date of Filing Income Tax Returns and Statements for FBR Tax Year 2017-2018

4:34:00 PM
C.No.2 (1)/Cond/I. Tax/2018 for date of filing of income tax returns and statements for the tax year 2017-2018 by the government of Pakistan revenue division federal board of revenue Islamabad dated the 2nd July 2019.
Circular No. 07/2019 (Income Tax)
As per Circular 06/2019 dated 01.07.2019, the other individuals, companies, and AOPs who required to file income tax statements or returns for the Tax Year 2017-2018 but still have not filed, they may avail the one opportunity regarding the filing of income tax statements or returns for the tax year 2017-2018. Similarly, the individuals/ companies and AOPs and who was intended to revise the income tax statements or returns for the tax year 2017-2018, they may file the revised income tax statements or returns till 02 August 2019.
2. Similarly, in this exercise of powers under Section-214A of the Income Tax old Ordinance, 2001, the Federal Board FBR of Revenue has pleased to further extend the date of filing Income Tax Returns and Statements for FBR Tax Year 2017-2018 for individuals, companies, and AOPs up to 2 August, 2019.

Filing Income Tax Returns and Statements
Date of Filing Income Tax Returns and Statements for FBR Tax Year 2017-2018

Tax notification on last year's salary of public and non-government employees are fake
Whatever the decision regarding income tax will be announced by the institution, sources said Saturday 27 July 2019 14:50

KARACHI (Urdu Point newspaper - July 27, 2019): The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) circulates a notification circulating on social media regarding the payment of income tax on last year's salaries of government and non-government employees. Fake

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) was completed on April 01, 1924 finished institution of the Central Board of Income Act, 1924. In 1944, an undeniable Income Division was made under the Ministry of Finance. After freedom, this game plan proceeded up to 31st August 1960 when on the proposals of the Administrative Re-association Committee, FBR was made a joined branch of the Ministry of Finance. In 1974, further changes were made to streamline the association and its capacities. So, the pole of FBR Chairman was ended with the rank of ex-officio Extra Secretary and Finance Secretary was calmed of his duties as ex-Chairman of the FBR.

So as to dismiss interferences in the action of regulatory militaries of a Government Secretary to the successful plan and usage of monetary preparation measures, the rank of FBR as an Income Division was regenerated under the Finance Ministry on October 22, 1991. Be that as it may, the Income Division was canceled in January 1995, and FBR reimbursed to the pre-1991 position. The Income Division keeps on existing since from December 01, 1998. 

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