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EOBI Pension Increase & Approval of Maternity and Paternity Leave Bill

7:34:00 PM

EOBI Pension Increase & Approval of Maternity and Paternity Leave Bill
EOBI Pension Increase
EOBI Pension Increase

Two top news regarding government employees is being published here on this page. One is about EOBI pension for old age pensioners and other news about maternity and paternity leave. In the EOBI pension news, the government has increased EOBI pension with effect from 1 January 2020 and the committee in the Senate has approved a bill regarding maternity and paternity leave. It is also said that there are different new reforms of FBR tax returns in the year.
1. EOBI Pension Increase:
The government has increased the amount of EOBI pension from 6500 to 8500. The Zulfi Bukhari Prime Minister's Special Assistant announced the annual amount of a 30% increase for EOBI pensioners, which will be effective from 1 January 2020.
On Thursday, addressing the ceremony in Islamabad Prime Minister's Special Assistant Zulfi Bukhari said that after 1 January 2020, the EOBI pensioners will get 8,500 rupees monthly pension. A summary of the EOBI pension will be presented at the next Federal Cabinet meeting for approval. We plan to increase this amount to 15,000 rupees by the end of the term.
Zulfi Bukhari said that there are 18 schemes worth billions of rupees and subject to litigation. These all legal issues will be resolved soon so that the government of Pakistan can increase the pension amount by 15000 rupees monthly.
Prime Minister Imran Khan also said that our government has increased the pension for EOBI pensioners which is received by EOBI to the old pensioners by 62%.
On the other hand, the old pensioners received 5250 rupees from EOBI but now a government has increased the amount to 8500 rupees.
Maternity and Paternity in the Senate:
The maternity and paternity bill has been approved. The Finance Senate Standing Committee approved this maternity & paternity bill. It is said that the mother avail leaves on the birth of a child as a maternity leave so the father will avail paternity leave in this regard.
Shabar Zaidi, Chairman FBR, in the briefing said that the efforts to eliminate the traditional way of tax return, introducing a mobile app for a salaried class for tax return.
Talib Mehmood picks up FBR notices to introduce business tax next year soon for business class.
EOBI Pension Increase & Approval of Maternity and Paternity Leave Bill
EOBI Pension Increase & Approval of Maternity and Paternity Leave Bill EOBI Pension Increase & Approval of Maternity and Paternity Leave Bill Reviewed by Ilmilog on 7:34:00 PM Rating: 5

Notification BF Benevolent Fund 2020 Amendments in the Punjab Rules Pakistan

8:23:00 PM

Some amendments have been added in the benevolent fund recently. Different grants for the government employees have been revised w.e.f May 2019. Services and general administration department Punjab Government NOTIFICATION No.BF-217(Gazetted)/2017 has issued and explanation is there as in the exercise of the powers conferred under section 7 of the Punjab Government Servants Benevolent Fund Ordinance, 1960 (XIV of 1960), Governor of Punjab is pleased to direct that in the Benevolent Part one (Disbursement) for servants of Punjab government Rules, 1965, the following further amendments shall be made:
Some new amendments in BF are given below,
In the Benevolent Fund BF Part one (Disbursement) for employees of Punjab Rules, 1965, in rule 3:
(1) In clause (a), under the heading "MARRIAGE GRANT", for the figures "40,000" and "50,000" wherever occur, the figures "150,000" shall be substituted.
(2) In clause (b), under the heading "FUNERAL GRANT" for the figures "20,000" wherever occur, the figures "50,000" shall be substituted. For clause (c), the following shall be substituted:
(3) (i) (ii) Primary to Secondary School Certificate or Rs.20,000/-P.An equivalent level; Higher Secondary School Certificate Rs.50,000/- P.A including Diploma, Bachelors, Masters, or equivalent level.
Note: The educational scholarship shall not be admissible beyond Sixteen Years of education and to those receiving stipend or internship fee.
Provided that: (i) In case of a retired or in-service Government servant:
(a) the grant may be admissible to not more than two children of a Government servant who has or have passed all the subjects of Secondary School Certificate or post-Secondary School Certificate examination from a recognized Board of Examination or University securing at least sixty percent aggregate marks and is or are studying in the next class in a recognized educational institution;
(b) if one or more of the children of a Government servant are studying in a recognized educational institution meant for special children, then not more than three children shall be eligible for the grant; (ii) in case of a Government servant who has died or retired on grounds of invalidation or Incapacitation, the grant may be admissible to not more than three children; (iii) the Provincial Benevolent Fund Board shall each year invite applications on the prescribed form through publication in the newspaper; (iv) the application shall be verified by the head of department and the head of the educational institution and accompanied by the following documents:
(a) computerized national identity card of a Government servant and/or of the student (if applicable); (b) result card, detailed marks sheet, certificates, and degree pertaining to the preceding educational classes; (c) certificates of recognition of previous and current education institution in case of the private educational institution; and (v) an application received after the cutoff date mentioned In the advertisement, it is not verified and it is supported mentioned above by documents shall not be entertained.
(4) In clause (d): (a) Here 'MONTHLY GRANT" as per given figures "5250', "9000" and "12000' wherever the figure occurs, "10,000', '15,000" and '20,000' shall be substituted respectively; (b) as per "Monthly Grant" as amended the following note shall be inserted.
"Note: The amendments in the rules shall be effective from the date of its issuance of Notification and shall be beneficial in cases.

Benevolent Fund 2020 Amendments
Benevolent Fund 2020 Amendments
BF Benevolent Fund 2020 Amendments in the Punjab Rules Pakistan 

Notification BF Benevolent Fund 2020 Amendments in the Punjab Rules Pakistan Notification BF Benevolent Fund 2020 Amendments in the Punjab Rules Pakistan Reviewed by Ilmilog on 8:23:00 PM Rating: 5

Budget 2020 & PM Imran Khan Salary Compared with other Minister Salaries

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A new pension formula will be introduced with pay and pension increase in the upcoming budget of 2020.
PM Imran Khan Salary
PM Imran Khan Salary

Consider increasing the salaries and pensions of current service and retired civil servants of Pakistan. It is expected that an increase will be implemented in the coming budget of 2020 in July.
As per Daily Jang news Islamabad, the government has started considering increasing the salaries and pensions of the present service and retired civil servants of Pakistan due to a recent 30% to 40 percent increase in the inflation rate of this country. Pension will be increased for the retired employees of Pakistan and a good reasonable salary of present civil servants will also be increasing in this coming budget 2020. There are some retired employees having a low pension and they could not survive in this high inflation at that time. So, a proposal to increase the minimum pension formula for retired government employees whose pensions are too low is also a suggestion to increase the EOBI pension. Naveed was told that a summary is being prepared to equate the minimum wage to the minimum pension and the EOBI pension will be Rs. 10,000.
Old Cases of Salary:
Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has issued orders for federal employees to issue an award equal to three months' basic pay. The order issued by the Prime Minister's Principal Secretary, Fawad Hassan Fawad, said that the salary would be paid from the current fiscal year's budget, and there was no reason to issue the award. The order states that the policy will be formulated by the next government to issue honorarium in the future, and orders have also been issued to employees participating in the budgeting work for five months' basic salary. ۔In the past, the award has been released for four months.
Now PM Imran Khan Salary:
Prime Minister Imran Khan's salaries and expenditures, which do not utilize government resources, are lower than those of the federal ministers, he has also limited Prime Minister's employees and other expenses. Prime Minister Imran Khan is taking the salaries of the chief ministers and ministers, according to the Prime Minister's salary Slip, his basic salary is 107280 rupees. According to celebrity slopes, Prime Minister Imran Khan receives an allowance of 50,000 rupees, ad hoc relief allowance of 21456 rupees, ad hoc allowance of 12110 rupees, and another ad hoc relief allowance of 10728 rupees. The tax on the Prime Minister's salary is deducted at 4595 rupees, after which he gets a salary of 1, 96,979. Compared to Prime Minister Imran Khan, the salaries of federal ministers are close to 2.5 lakh rupees while the Punjab chief minister's salary is 3 lakh 50 thousand rupees. The salary of a Punjab Assemblymember is about 2 lakh rupees compared to the Prime Minister. Imran Khan has never set up a camp office as Prime Minister, nor has he spent on personal residence, Bani Gala or Zaman Park, he himself has afforded the cost of security barbed wire. He also installed security and barbed wire made of Gala at a cost of 42 lakh rupees.

Budget 2020 & PM Imran Khan Salary Compared with other Minister Salaries

Budget 2020 & PM Imran Khan Salary Compared with other Minister Salaries Budget 2020 & PM Imran Khan Salary Compared with other Minister Salaries Reviewed by Ilmilog on 8:22:00 PM Rating: 5

Public Holidays 2020 Notification of Ministry of Interior Govt. of Pakistan

7:15:00 PM

Public Holidays 2020 Notification of Ministry of Interior Govt. of Pakistan
Public Holidays 2020 Notification
Public Holidays 2020 Notification

Ministry of Interior has issued a notification 01/01/2020-Public government of Pakistan dated 5 December, 2020 Islamabad regarding Employees All Public Holidays 2020 by the ministry of interior Pakistan government.
Subject: Holidays Public & Optional for the coming year 2020
The Public Holidays 2020 on the first page of the notification. Similarly, optional holidays 2020 are on the second page of notification and these are all for Muslim and for Minorities regarding different occasions in the year 2020 given here below:-
Holidays for Public in the year 2020:
1. Kashmir Day Wednesday 5th February 2020
2. Pakistan Day (-23rd March-) Monday, 23rd March 2020
3. Labor Day (-1st May-) Friday 1st May 2020
4. Eid-ul-Fitr, (-1st Shawal 1441 AH-) Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday 25th, 26th & 27th May 2020
5. Eid-ul-Adha, (-10 Zilhaj 1441 AH-) Friday, Saturday & Sunday 31st, 1st & 2nd August 2020
6. Independence Day (-14th August-) Friday 14th August 2020
7. Ashura Moazam (9th and 10th Muharram 1442 AH) Saturday & Sunday 29th & 30th August 2020
8. Eid Milad-un-Nabi (12 Rabi-ul-Awal 1442 AH) Friday 30th October 2020
9. Quaid-e-Azam Day Friday 25th December 2020
10. Christmas Friday 25th December 2020
11. The day after a Christmas Saturday 26th December 2020 (-For Christians only-)
The following will be Bank Holidays 2020. However, on these days the Banks will be remained closed for the public but NOT for their employees:-
A. Wednesday. January 1, 2020
B. Friday, April 24, 2020 (Corresponding to 1st Ramzan 1441 AH subject to moon appearance)
C. Wednesday, July 1, 2020
Optional Holidays 2020
1. New Year Day Wednesday 1st January 2020
2. Basant Panchami Wednesday 29th January 2020
3 Shivaratri Friday 21st February 2020
4 Holi Monday 9th March 2020
5 Dulhan Tuesday 10th March 2020
6 Shab-e-Meraj (-27 Rajab 1441 A.H-) Monday 23rd March 2020
7 Baisakhi Tehvar Monday, 13th April 2020
8 Good Friday on Friday 10th April 2020.
9 Eid-e-Rizwan (Baha'is Community only-) Monday 20th April 2020.
10 Shab-e-Barat (-15 Shaban 1441 A.H-) Thursday 9th April 2020.
11 Easter Sunday & Monday, 12th, 13th April 2020.
12. Buddha Purnima Thursday 7th May 2020
13. Gauze (Parsi's New Year Day-) Sunday 16th August 2020
14. Birthday of Lord Zoroaster (-Khordad Sal-) Friday 21st August 2020.
15. Krishna Janam Ashtami Saturday 21st August 2020
16. Durga Puja Friday 23rd October 2020.
17. Dussehra Sunday 25th October 2020.
18. Birthday Guru Valmik Swami Ji Saturday 31st October 2020.
19. Diwali Saturday 14th November 2020.
20. Birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Ji Monday 30th November 2020.
21. Chehlum (20 Safar 1442 A.H) Thursday 8th October 2020.
22. Giyarvhee Sharif (11 Rabi-us-Sani 1442 AH) Saturday 28th November 2020.
In the Muslim Festivals case, the dates of Public or optional Holidays will be based on anticipated dates because of the appearance of the Moon. There is expected for a separate Notification by Ministry of Interior Pakistan.
3. All the civil Servants working under Government of Pakistan will avail the benefit of Optional Holidays 2020 with the prior permission of concerned office Head and no a civil Servant shall be decided more than one these optional Holidays 2020 in Muslim case and a maximum of three Optional Holidays 2020 for Non-Muslims case.
4. A concession will be granted if there is no effect on any displacement of work. Muslim Optional Holidays 2020 case a number of people allowable to reward for the optional Holidays 2020 should be controlled in a way so by way of two passable staff is obtainable for a good extension of work.
5. The Optional Holidays 2020 will be given and may be allowed by the Head of Office, provided that work is not being suffered.
6. A Government civil Servant may be refined and Optional Holiday 2020 that there is a religious significance to him or not and the refusal is likely to decrease the number of these holidays optional 2020 to which she or he has been entitled.
Public Holidays 2020 Notification of Ministry of Interior Govt. of Pakistan Public Holidays 2020 Notification of Ministry of Interior Govt. of Pakistan Reviewed by Ilmilog on 7:15:00 PM Rating: 5

Google Search Tips & Tricks 2020 for all Users on the Internet

8:19:00 PM
Google Search Tips & Tricks 2020 for all Users on the Internet
Google Search Tips & Tricks 2020
Google Search Tips & Tricks 2020

If you want to avoid harm, stop searching on Google
All Internet users rely on Google to find answers to their problems and questions and they are contacted by Google for everything from food to online banking and pharmaceutical purchases.
However, most of them forget that Google search is just a platform where websites come up with keywords and Google has no authority over those websites.
So when you search the internet, it is not important that you get the best and most accurate results from your Google search.
However, here are some things that should not be searched on the Internet.
Banking Websites:
The bank is directly related to our deposits and money transfers, however, there are hundreds of fake banking websites on the internet that can cheat you.
It is recommended that you never google search the banking website with the help of Google search or any search engine on the Internet, especially unless you know the exact URL of this website.
Always visit your bank using the URL you provide so that it is safe from any fraud or fraud.
If you try to log in by entering your login details and password on a website similar to your bank's website, the risk of password and ID being hacked is high.
Finding Customer Care Numbers of Companies:
 The most popular fraud on Google search is to find customer care numbers for well-known companies because consumers easily believe the company's real numbers. Fraudsters create websites with the names of leading companies on the Internet and put their corresponding numbers on their customer care numbers. Customers trust them when they call here, and they provide their information to fraud numbers, which help the suspects make financial losses to such customers.
The download of app and software:
Finding the right and virus-free app on the Internet is not a difficult task, but surprisingly, these apps are easily found with the help of Google search. The important thing to note here though is that these apps often involve coding for viruses or your data theft. Therefore, it is imperative that users with an Android phone download the Google Play Store while users using the iPhone download the desired apps from the App Store.
Diagnosis of medicines and diseases:
The disease is a natural process and seeking medical help to get rid of it is wise. The thing to keep in mind here is that Google search or any other search engine like it is not meant to diagnose drugs and diseases. Consumers are advised not to leave contact with their physician to diagnose their illness on Google, while also not buying information based solely on information from Google.
China Mobiles Security:
In China, it is mandatory for consumers to have their face recognition or 'fee scanning' before purchasing a mobile phone.
In this regard, instructions have been issued to all telecom operators in the country which now require registration of the user's real name before issuing each new telephone number. The operators have also been instructed not to issue a new telephone number or mobile set to any user whose fee is not scanning or face recognition. Telecommunication operators will have to scan the face of users while registering new mobile users. According to the authority, the movie is being taken to further tighten control of Beijing cyberspace.

Google Search Tips & Tricks 2020 for all Users on the Internet Google Search Tips & Tricks 2020 for all Users on the Internet Reviewed by Ilmilog on 8:19:00 PM Rating: 5

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