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Pakistani Rupee Currency Rate Pakistan increasing Gold Price and Dollar Price

9:40:00 PM

Pakistani Rupee Currency Rate Pakistan increasing Gold Price and Dollar Price
Pakistani Rupee Currency Rate Pakistan

In the last four business days, the value of the dollar increased by Rs 9.60, followed by external debt increased by 1000 billion, gold prices were also expensive.
KARACHI: In the open market, the rupee increased by 3 rupees, the new highest level of the year reached 154 rupees, while the price of the dollar trendy the interbank market increased by Rs 2.50 to Rs 151.92.
Gold prices rose as much as 600 rupees per day, after which one ton of gold rose to 72,100.
On the previous day, in the interbank dollar, one rupee 78 paisa’s was more expensive to Rs 149 rupees 65 money, while the open market reached Rs 152 per rupee.
According to the Exchange Currency Association, today the value of a dollar for open market reached Rs 3 to Rs 154 at the highest level.
When the Inter Bank has reached the highest level of the date and at the end of the business, Rs 2/27 paisa increased to 151.92 rupees.
Buying dollars for profit at this time is unbelievable and non-profit from the country: Mufti Taqi Usmani
The value of a dollar for a last four business days has increased by more than Rs 10, after which external loans increased to Rs. 1000 billion.
One reason for the increase in dollar value is also a reservoir, with which Mufti Taqi Usmani says that for a current situation, purchase of dollars in dollars for the benefit of profit and stocking is innocent and innocent from the country.
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The price of the dollar is going on the second week of the business week. In the mid-day, the currency exchange of Pakistani currency continues as the dollar's puppets are heavy. The dollar worth $ 3 is more expensive. In the open market, the new price of the dollar was Rs. 154. The bank also has a cost of Rs. 2, Rs 35.
The new price of the dollar for Inter Bank has gone up to 152 rupees. Today, in the morning, the US dollar rose by Rs 2 to reach the highest level of 152 rupees in the InterBank. After raising the rupee, the new level reached 153 rupees. It is clear that at the end of the day on Monday, the value of rupees in the Interbank was worth Rs 152. At the beginning of the trading business, the price of the dollar in Interbank was Rs 148.25, but with the passage, it came to see the first 75 paise, after which it had been valued at Rs 149.50. The end of the business is the end of the day by the end, the dollar remained stable but because of massive purchases from commercial banks, the total value of Rs. 3 rupees was reached to 152 rupees at the end of the day. According to market analysts, the dollar's increase in the last hour was seen to see the increase in the dollar's value in the open market, which started with 151 rupees, but its end reached 152.50. After the announcement fund of 20 billion under the National Investment Trust (NIT), the government came to see the improvement in the stock market.

On the other hand, the overall volume of loans on Pakistan reached 35.1 trillion rupees, the 91.2 percent economy at the end of March. According to statistics issued by the end of last week by the Bank of Pakistan, loans from July to March, country the total volume of 5.2 trillion was increased.

Pakistani Rupee Currency Rate Pakistan increasing Gold Price and Dollar Price Pakistani Rupee Currency Rate Pakistan increasing Gold Price and Dollar Price Reviewed by Ilmilog on 9:40:00 PM Rating: 5

Consideration NADRA Card CNIC for Date of Birth on Retirement Age

8:28:00 PM

Letter No SO (SE-111)5-161/2019 regarding Consideration NADRA Card CNIC for Date of Birth on Retirement Age by the government of the Punjab school education department Dated Lahore the, 20th May. 2019.
Submitted to CEOs Chief Executive Officers (DEAS). In the Punjab
It has been noticed with concern that birth date on CNIC card and Secondary School Certificates r School leaving certificates etc. are conflicting which leads to issues at the time of retirement during verification of DOB.
2. CNIC card issued by NADRA is an authenticated document and is internationally accepted for issuance of various legal documents such as Passports. Nikah Nama. Land Record. Driving License etc. Therefore, NADRA Card is more authenticated legal document than School Leaving Certificate etc.
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3. In view of the above. I am directed to request you that any variation in birth date in CNIC and Secondary School Certificate School Leaving Certificate etc. may be rectified within 03 months In the future, at the time of retirement birth date as on NADRA card CNIC will be considered the valid one. In this regard, instructions may be circulated to the field formation to get rectification of birth date on CNIC with Secondary School Certificate / other certificates, if any.
NADRA Card CNIC for Date of Birth

Consideration NADRA Card CNIC for Date of Birth on Retirement Age

Consideration NADRA Card CNIC for Date of Birth on Retirement Age Consideration NADRA Card CNIC for Date of Birth on Retirement Age Reviewed by Ilmilog on 8:28:00 PM Rating: 5

SIS E-Transfer Tenure Revised from Three to One Year for School Teachers

4:18:00 AM
Letter No. DD (M)/e-Transfer /2019 regarding SIS E-Transfer Tenure Revised from Three to One Year for School Teachers by the government of Punjab school education department (monitoring wing) dated Lahore the 19th May, 2019. It is submitted to all DEAs District Education Authorities Chief Executive Officers, in Punjab.
2. It is stated that the recently launched e-Transfer System is gaining widespread appreciation as well as an overwhelmingly positive response from all stakeholders particularly from the community of respectable teachers for its transparency and convenience of applying via mobile phones, especially during the month of Ramadan.
3. Further, in order to facilitate the maximum number of teachers, the Competent Authority has revised the minimum tenure requirement (for transfer eligibility), from three years, to one year. Accordingly. the e-Transfer system will start accepting transfer applications with revised minimum tenure of 1 year from 3:00 pm Monday, May, 20th, 2019 and the deadline to submit applications has been fixed as May 30th, 2019.
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4. In this regard, all eligible teachers who had submitted their transfer requests earlier, are required to resubmit their e-Transfer applications via the SIS e-Transfer App so as to give all an equal opportunity to participate and to take advantage of the improved points regime.
5. Therefore, you are requested to disseminate the above instructions to the lower formation and all Heads of public schools for compliance / Implementation.
SIS E-Transfer Tenure Revised

SIS E-Transfer Tenure Revised from Three to One Year for School Teachers
SIS E-Transfer Tenure Revised from Three to One Year for School Teachers SIS E-Transfer Tenure Revised from Three to One Year for School Teachers Reviewed by Ilmilog on 4:18:00 AM Rating: 5

How To Apply For School E-Transfer SIS App 2019 Information Systems Punjab

10:23:00 PM
There is a method " How To Apply For School E-Transfer SIS App 2019 Information Systems Punjab" which is given for all Punjab teachers in an easy way step by step.
The Complete Method of Applying Online E-Transfer 2019"
How To Apply For School E-Transfer SIS App

1). First, install the "School Information System" software from the Google Play Store. Keep in mind the new version is 0.5.4. To install this app, go to the Play Store and click "Search Bar" Sis Punjab "and use the Install button to install the app.
2). "School Information System" has four major main modules.1. My Profile 2. Transfer 3. Documents 4.Class & Sessions
To apply "E-transfer", first click on "My Profile" and check your profile whether your data is correct or not. If your data is not correct, then headmaster from the School tab Fix your data with the help of data visit will be able to apply. Verify your data well and check because your data will be finalized.
Registration is compulsory to register now! Email and password for "password" to get the password and get your password. If not come in this way, the password can be taken from the "Affiliate Line 042-111-11-2020". If you are not picked up from the helpline then you copy your order copy, sending copy, identification card number, personal number and slip scan to an "SIS team". Please keep in mind that if the data is invalid from your data, the data is invalid. Send email to the corresponding post-assistant email address. Email address
3) The period for the transfer is from May 17 to 27th May and will be applied to "Merit" and "Mutual" Grounds.
**** Appeal to the application will have 2 options for ****
1. Open Merit and 2.Wed Lock / Comprehensive Grounds

In order to apply for open Merit, the first district name will be named Tehsil and finally write the names of the schools. You have to apply .5 School Preferences are written namely, 5 school names There are schools that are closest to you. It is also not necessary that you have 5 school names. Fewer school names can also be written. For example, if 1 school is near and 4 schools are away, do not write the names of the remaining 4 schools. In this school, you want to transfer the school's name and category as well as to make a complaint. It will be revealed in front of you. The post office you are applying will be written in front of the concerned school's "Post-category", whether you can apply for transfer or not. It will be said that this school will be told, I have a post-category vacant or not.
* If you do not spend three years in a school while tagging a post until March 2019, your request has to be "Rejected".
2 ***. There are four options to apply for Wed Lock / Comprehensive Ground Transfer. 1. Wedlock (only for Female) 2. Disabled (for male and female) 3. Divorced (just for female) 4. Widow (Only for female). It will be used to apply "Open Merit" method as discussed it first.
It is important that every male and female teacher can be able to transfer the "Comprehensive Ground Transfer" service to the entire service.
* Maintain Certificate / Husband Certificate / Divorce / Nickname etc. First, in you’re "Mobile" in "Image Format" and then upload it from Gallery.
4). Use the "Mutual Transfer" option for Mutual Transfer. For migration transfer, candidates will write their district and Tehsil name and write the name of the school in which the candidate wishes to transfer. The post will write the name "the name" will appear in front of the "different posts" and the "different posts" will be mentioned before the category will not be similar to it. And from which one will be able to transfer the divisible category in front of this post. The teacher and the teacher who is keen to transfer to school will be the primary number and name of the school teacher. 1. No 2.Confirmation
If the option is "no," then there is a worry. If the option is in 2, then thank God Almighty. After this, the application will be submitted.
5). Here are merit marks for transfer
* Distance marks will automatically be delivered via online tools.
* Marks will be given up to 2 decimal points, and the marks of the Little School will be counted to 2 decimal points.
* The Distance has 20 marks.
(For Tehsil), if there is more than 8 kilometers away, 0.5 marks are kept for each kilometer.
(For the district) is more than 16 kilometers away, 0.25 marks are maintained for each kilometer.
(For provincial level), if there are more than 24 kilometers away, 0.25 marks are maintained for each kilometer.
(Inter-District Transfer) there are no marks of distance.
* 30 Marks of service has been placed.
(No marks will be given for the first 3 years of time. After three year completion 3 marks will be given for every year)
* 20 marks of seniority have been placed.
(Each year's 2 marks are placed)
* 15 marks of the wedlock are placed.
* 15 marks of the compassionate ground.
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General Terms and Conditions:
* Cannot exchange single-SST science in a school.
* SST Computer Science can only exchange in school where IT Lab is present and where the total number of students (class 9 & 10) is not less than 60.
* Male can apply only to male schools and female only for female school.
* Wide Lock Transfer will not be accepted if there are the number of teachers less than 2.
* The teacher will be eligible for open merit transfer, which has spent at least 3 years in the current school.
* PSTs can transfer with (ESEs).

* Only those PSTs are eligible for the transfer whose school has more than the required number of teachers.
For example, if 6 PST teachers in a school are working and 4 teachers are required in this school, then only 2 teachers can apply for transfer.
* Contract and regular posts will now be seen equally, it will be able to transfer EST-English with (SESE-English).
* The transfer will be only against vacant posts.
* In case of applying a transfer to a school, if any teacher in his category is not in school, he will not be able to apply. As an example, if the S.S.T. (Science) applies for transfer and If there is no other S.S.T (science) in his school, he cannot be applied. However, this condition will not apply for SST (Computer Science), headmaster, senior headmaster, and principal.
* Applicants of District Transfer will be considered after the transfer order within a district.
* There is mutual and open merit for a transfer.
* After transferring order, the new school will have to be given. The new school must join otherwise teachers can be punished under "PEEDA Act".
How To Apply For School E-Transfer SIS App 2019 Information Systems Punjab
How To Apply For School E-Transfer SIS App 2019 Information Systems Punjab How To Apply For School E-Transfer SIS App 2019 Information Systems Punjab Reviewed by Ilmilog on 10:23:00 PM Rating: 5

Five Top Google AdSense Tips for All Blogger Beginners 2019

8:39:00 PM

Five Google AdSense policies that every Blogger must know
Five Top Google AdSense Tips

Fortunately, this post is very informative for all blogger beginners in 2019, it may feel a little dry and boring but it is very important for your information that you walk through it and make sure you know it.
You see, the Google AdSense policy can be taken very seriously for this program and some blogger can be deliberately removed from their account and ban on their website.
She has been in the long term in such a ban and you will never want to do that because you have a chance to get back to your program after being banned.
Google is extremely harsh about its policy. It is our history to enforce its policies and blocks most bloggers because they simply do not think they are going against the policy.
Well, it's not bad, but I think you're getting a picture, right? What I'm going to do is you need to know about the policies and you should know about five of the most important things to go to a policy.
1.     You must have a privacy policy:
It's very easy to do so and your time will take a little bit, but it will be very beneficial for you if you are thinking about being affiliated with Google AdSense - if you are going to run Google Must have a privacy policy.
2.     Invalid Clicks:
In addition to keeping a privacy policy, the only way many people are banned and removed are "wrong" clicks. There are several ways to mobilize fake clicks automatic software that creates or uses software to click links (maybe their own ads) are caught quickly and are banned owners of the largest criminal site are themselves because they "test" their ads and click on them. More bloggers are banned because of it.

3.     Click on the visitor to mislead or encourage your readers.
Another common way to ban bloggers is to mislead your visitors and readers to click on advertisements or even directly in any way, "click on your banner ads on my sidebar." "Or perhaps some more strategies (but still not smart)" please click on my ads to help my advertisers! "Or even wrote a little text about advertising that" these awesome Check out the sites.
Do not do that because Google AdSense will catch you.
It essentially violates the AdSense policies, as often as the user does not know that clicks are on ads. Only one click above an AdSense ad is allowed.
Additionally, you can mislead your users by putting closer content near your ads or by clicking on the power of clicking on them to design your user experience.
Advertising is also prohibited before pictures because of it can make a user "foolish" which is a picture in which it really is an advertisement.
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4.     Display Google AdSense data
I am the first to admit that I was messing up in the past and have some blog posts to correct, which contain a lot of information that was usually available terms and conditions are clear.
I know that important things are important to learn and know you should be careful with a screenshot that you make from your program or any part of the performance.
In fact, screenshots are not clearly referred to as being included in the "Safe" list so you will never post screenshots if you want to be safe and conservative.
5.     Traffic purchase
Lastly, people who are banned from ban buy traffic from other sources. Many of you cannot do it, but for some of you who do not buy high-level traffic potentially in your use and marketing strategy and that you need to be cautious.
·        Google AdSense says you can do nothing and ban from Google.
·        Do not use third-party services that create clicks or impressions.
·        Do not promote unwanted mass emails or unwanted advertisements on third-party websites.
·        Google Ads, search box or search results show software applications such as toolbar actions
It can be loaded with any software that can trigger pop-ups, users can reverse unwanted websites, edit browser settings or interfere with otherwise site navigation. It is your responsibility to ensure that the pages containing your Google AdSense code do not use any network or affiliate a mechanism to direct traffic to traffic.
Get traffic from online advertising as long as this site does not match the spirit of Google Landing Page quality leaders. For example, users should easily be able to find out what your ads are
Lastly, this is just a good thing to read and review the Google AdSense Terms and Conditions as well as AdSense program policies. Again, it should be clear to all of you that Google is so smart and will catch you soon or later.

Five Top Google AdSense Tips for All Blogger Beginners 2019

Five Top Google AdSense Tips for All Blogger Beginners 2019 Five Top Google AdSense Tips for All Blogger Beginners 2019 Reviewed by Ilmilog on 8:39:00 PM Rating: 5

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