Grant of New Pay Scale Revised Chart (2023)

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The federal government has issued a notification regarding the Grant of New Pay Scale Revised Chart 2023. So, the government of Pakistan’s Finance Department issued this notification on 01-07-2023.

However, the federal government has revised the pay and allowances of all federal employees. Similarly, all provincial employees in the country will get this benefit as per the rules.

Grant of New Pay Scale Revised Chart 2023

The office memorandum is F.No.1(2)imp/2022-283. These are the basic pay scales for 2023 for civil servants. So, the president of Pakistan has announced and sanctioned the civil servants of this country. Therefore, the government has announced this revision with effect from 01-07-2023.

However, the govt will pay out it from civil and defense estimates. Part 1 of this notification is about pay details. So, they have given full details with terms and conditions. As you all know the employees were drawing pay and allowances as per BPS-2017.

Fixation of Pay Scale Revision 2023:

Now the government will fix the pay and allowances as per the new revised basic pay scales for 2023 from 1st July. Before that, the president had announced pay scales in 2017. But now they have replaced this revision in 2017. So, they have attached annexure-I with this notification in this regard.

  • Now the accounting office is responsible for fixing the basic pay as per the new revision of 2023. Therefore, they will fix the point-to-point pay stage. however, the employees should be in service on 30-06-2023.

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Notification Pay Scale Chart 2022

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