Advocate General Office Allowance Finance Department

علمی لاگ

The Finance Department Punjab has issued a letter about the Advocate General office Allowance. So, Iftikhar Amjad Finance secretary has written a letter to the AG Punjab for this allowance approval.

However, the Punjab government is announcing different pay and allowances relief this year. Before that, the government announced a pay scale chart for 2022 and a special allowance of 15%.

Advocate General Office Allowance Finance Department

In addition, the finance department has mentioned a previous letter dated 14-02-2018. So, they have announced a 30% allowance for AG office employees. Therefore, the governor of Punjab has approved this allowance @30% of monthly basic pay.

In other words, all the employees will get this relief from 01-07-2022.

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Advocate General office Allowance

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