SEDHR Punjab Portal for Casual Leave Applications and Retirement

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The School Education Department has opened a SEDHR Punjab portal for school teachers in the province. This SEDHR Punjab portal is new for teachers.

However, all district education authorities DEA are working to train their teachers for this new era. So, they may apply for casual leave and retirement through this portal.

SEDHR Punjab Portal Login:

Firstly, a teacher will log in, and then all features are available for him. An article “How to log in” has been written. A teacher may download a user manual here. Please click on the link below to download all instructions regarding SEDHR Punjab.


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How to submit a Casual Leave Application:

There is a tab “leave request” where a teacher may submit his leave application. As a teacher use a mobile phone for calls and SMS. Similarly, they will apply for leave here. So, there are a few easy steps to submit that application to the immediate boss. He will approve or reject that application.

However, a teacher may check the approval or rejection of that request.

Retirement Applications through the SEDHR Portal:

Actually, this website is under process. Therefore, there are only a few tabs there as you can see in the image below,

Sedhr Punjab portal for casual leave

A new tab like “Non-teaching staff” has recently been included. So, in the coming days, the Punjab IT board will enhance this portal for teachers.

Streamlining Teacher Leave Requests: The Sedhr Punjab Login System


Educational institutions play a vital role in shaping the future of nations, and teachers are at the core of this process. However, just like any other professional, teachers also require leave for personal or professional reasons. To streamline the process of leave requests and ensure efficient management, the Punjab government in Pakistan has introduced the Sedhr Punjab Login system. This web-based platform allows teachers to conveniently apply for leaves and reduces administrative burden by automating the approval process. In this article, we will explore the Sedhr Punjab Login system in detail, highlighting its features, benefits, and the impact it has had on teachers’ leave management.

Overview of Sedhr Punjab Login System:

The Sedhr Punjab Login system is an initiative of the School Education Department of Punjab, Pakistan. It aims to modernize and digitize the management of teacher leaves across the province. The system provides teachers with a user-friendly web portal through which they can apply for leaves, track their leave history, and manage their attendance records.

Features and Functionality:

The Sedhr Punjab Login system offers several features that simplify the leave application process for teachers. Upon accessing the portal, teachers can log in using their unique credentials and navigate to the leave management section. Here, they can submit leave requests by specifying the type of leave (e.g., casual, medical, earned), the duration, and the reason for their absence. The system also allows teachers to attach supporting documents, such as medical certificates if required.

Once a leave application is submitted, the Sedhr Punjab Login system automatically routes it to the relevant approving authorities. This eliminates the need for teachers to physically submit leave applications or follow up with administrative staff. The system also ensures transparency by providing real-time updates on the status of leave requests, allowing teachers to track the progress of their applications.

Benefits for Teachers:

The Sedhr Punjab Login system offers numerous benefits to teachers. Firstly, it simplifies and expedites the leave application process. Teachers no longer need to spend time filling out paperwork or visiting administrative offices to request leave. Instead, they can conveniently submit applications from any location with internet access.

The system also promotes fairness and uniformity in leave approvals. By digitizing the process, the Sedhr Punjab Login system eliminates biases or favoritism, ensuring that leave requests are assessed solely based on merit and departmental policies.

Additionally, the system helps teachers maintain a comprehensive record of their leaves. They can view their leave history, including approved, rejected, and pending leaves, which aids in better leave planning and management.

Administrative Advantages:

The Sedhr Punjab Login system not only benefits teachers but also offers advantages to the school administration and educational authorities. The automated approval process reduces the workload of administrative staff, allowing them to focus on other crucial tasks. It minimizes the chances of errors or delays associated with manual handling of leave applications.

Moreover, the system generates accurate and up-to-date reports on teacher attendance and leaves. These reports assist educational authorities in analyzing leave trends, identifying potential issues, and making informed decisions for resource allocation and workforce management.


The Sedhr Punjab Login system has revolutionized the way teacher leaves are managed in Punjab, Pakistan. By providing a user-friendly platform for leave requests and automating the approval process, the system streamlines operations saves time, and enhances transparency. Teachers benefit from the convenience and fairness of the system, while the school administration gains efficiency and accurate leave records. Overall, the Sedhr Punjab Login system is a significant step toward modernizing educational institutions and ensuring a more productive and organized work environment for teachers.

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