Notification School Education and Services & GAD Punjab

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Two Notification School Education and Services & GAD Punjab have been issued and published on this website.

The Punjab Government School of Education has issued an order about the appointment on a contract basis. This order was issued on 1st August. There are two incumbents appointed as Deputy DEO and senior headmaster. Mr. Muhammad Arif and Muhammad Zakir were appointed through the Punjab Public Service Commission PPSC in August 2020.

Firstly, they were appointed on a contract basis for five years. After completing three years of satisfactory service, they have been adjusted on these seats as described above.

However, their contract period has expired in December 2019. So, the education department has extended the period of these incumbents until December 2022. There was no inquiry against them during the contract period. Therefore, it has decided to regularize them with immediate effect.

Different terms and conditions for this job have been written in this order.

Notification School Education and Services & GAD Punjab:

Main Points Terms & Conditions:

  1. The government will not include the contract period of the incumbent into service for future benefits.
  2. After regularization, an employee will be placed on the bottom of the seniority list.
  3. An employee will get the seniority number on the list as per the seniority rules of contract employees.
  4. An employee will get an initial stage of a basic scale for pay. Similarly, the accounting office will convert old increments into a personal allowance.
  5. If an incumbent will not wish to regularize then he will apply within sixty days of the order issued to date.
  6. These incumbents were appointed as per contract policy 2004 and the Punjab Civil Servants Act in 1974.
  7. They will be on probation after regularization as per the rules.
  8. As per the SED (school education department, it is necessary to possess the professional qualifications for all incumbents. If the departments found any discrepancy then this regular order was canceled.
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At last, The education department has adjusted them through this order as given below.

Notification school education Punjab
Notification School Education Punjab

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