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E-Transfer Policy Latest Punjab: Full Instructions and PDF


In an effort to streamline the process of teacher transfers and ensure transparency and efficiency, the Punjab government has introduced the E-Transfer Policy. This approach expects to use innovation to make the exchange cycle smoother for educators in the state. In this article, we will dive into the most recent reports on the E-Move Strategy in Punjab, giving complete directions along admittance to the authority PDF archive.


What is the E-Transfer Policy?

The E-Move Strategy is a huge drive by the Punjab government to digitize the course of instructor moves across the state. With the implementation of this policy, the archaic and time-consuming manual transfer procedures have been replaced by a technology-driven system. This recoveries time as well as disposes of the possibilities of bias and inconsistencies.

Key Features of the E-Transfer Policy

  1. Online Application: Teachers seeking transfers can now apply online through the dedicated portal designed by the Punjab School Education Department.
  2. Transparent System: The E-Transfer Policy ensures a transparent system where transfers are processed based on merit, experience, and other objective criteria rather than personal connections.
  3. Timely Notifications: The policy incorporates a timeline for each step of the transfer process, ensuring that applicants are informed about the status of their transfer application in a timely manner.
  4. Monitoring Mechanism: The E-Transfer system is equipped with a monitoring mechanism that allows teachers to track the progress of their application and know the reasons behind their transfer status.
  5. Option to Reapply: If a teacher’s transfer request is rejected, they have the option to reapply in the next transfer window without prejudice.

Latest Updates and Changes

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The Punjab government has been continuously working to improve the E-Transfer Policy based on feedback and to enhance its functionality. As of the latest update in 2023, the following changes have been made:

  1. Simplified Application Process: The online application process has been made more user-friendly and intuitive, enabling teachers to complete the transfer request without any hassles.
  2. Comprehensive Transfer Guidelines: The E-Transfer Policy guidelines have been updated to provide clarity on the criteria for transfer eligibility, ensuring that teachers are well-informed before applying.
  3. Expanded Correspondence: The specialists have done whatever it takes to further develop correspondence with candidates, guaranteeing that they get opportune updates and warnings in regards to their exchange status.
  4. Emphasis on Remote Areas: The policy now includes provisions to encourage teachers to opt for transfers to remote and underprivileged areas, where there is a greater need for quality education.

Accessing the PDF Document

To access the latest and official E-Transfer Policy PDF document for Punjab, follow these steps:

1: Visit the official website of the Punjab School Education Department.

2: Look for “E-Transfer Policy” on the website’s homepage.

3: Click on the link provided to download the PDF document.

4: Once downloaded, you can view the comprehensive instructions and guidelines for the E-Transfer Policy.

E Transfer Rounds 2022 Below:

I am sharing a letter and Notification regarding E Transfer Policy 2022 Punjab pdf Full Instructions. So, all teachers can apply under this policy which is fully explained.

However, the Government of the Punjab school education department has issued a letter dated Lahore on the 27th of October 2022.

So, this letter has been submitted to all the Deputy Commissioners / Administrators of District Education Authorities in Punjab. And secondly all Chief Executive Officers, District Education Authorities in the Punjab.

Subject: – e-TRANSFER POLICY 2022

In addition, the government has written a letter as follows,

I am directed to state that the Chief Minister/ Competent Authority has been pleased to approve the ‘e-Transfer Policy 2022.’

The objective of the Policy is to develop a comprehensive all-encompassing solution to the transfer matters of teachers. The policy shall go a long way toward the elimination of discretion and possible abuse of authority.

  1. The government has directed to convey the provisions of the e-Transfer Policy 2022. So, this policy shall be implemented in letter and spirit by all concerned officers and offices.

E Transfer Policy 2022 Punjab pdf Full Instructions

Similarly, the government of the Punjab SED dated Lahore the 27In October 2022 has issued a NOTIFICATION No.SO (SE-IV-A) 2-145/2022.

In supersession of the Transfer Policy, 2013 issued vide Notification No.SO (SE-IV) 2-34/2009(Transfer) dated 17.04.2013. The Competent Authority / Chief Minister has been pleased to approve the e-Transfer Policy 2022 of the School Education Department, with immediate effect. The e-Transfer Policy 2022 provides as under:

-2. The Teachers may be posted anywhere against their cadre posts. No Teacher shall claim to post against a particular post or station as a matter of right. There shall be post-specific merit-based criteria to fill every vacant post through e-Transfer on School Information System (SIS).

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Procedure for Online Transfer Applications:

3. The government will make all Transfers of teaching staff through the Schools Information System (SIS). Moreover. Transfer/posting against in-service promotion. Hardship grounds (i.e., categories of widowed, divorced, disabled, wedlock, and medical grounds), mutual, open merit, and newly recruited Teachers shall also be made through the school Information System (SIS).

i) Teachers / Educators can apply online for their transfer / posting through login passwords on School Information System (SIS), and shall attach relevant documents as required in School Information System (SIS).

ii) Teacher/Educator shall provide the original documents attached with the application to the concerned District Education Authority (DEA) for verification.

iii) Tentative merit list, objections, and final merit lists will be displayed on School Information System (SIS) Portal. The applicant may view his merit, as well as the merit of all other candidates who have applied for transfer on the School Information System (SIS) Portal.

iv) Teachers / Educators may also raise objections against their own merit or on the merit of other Teachers / Educators through School Information System (SIS).

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v) Teachers or Educators shall submit their replies through School Information System (SIS). If the SED (District Education Authority DEA) has raised objections.  The Teachers will apply and attach relevant documents

vi) School Information System (SIS) shall generate QR-coded transfer orders in favor of selected candidates.

Posting of newly recruited Teachers (merit cum requirement based:

  1. The Department will post the newly recruited teachers in a standalone process as required, according to their selection merit. This will give priority to areas with a severe shortage of teachers.
  2. A manual offer letter of appointment shall be issued to the selected candidate by the appointing authority. After acceptance of the offer letter, the appointing authority shall tag them as “new Teacher on School Information System (SIS) along with the offer letter of appointment issued to the selected candidate as well as the acceptance letter provided by the candidate, with the allocated merit number.
Vacant Posts on SIS:

iii) The School Information System (SIS) Portal shall list open positions as required by the Department. The School Information System (SIS), will request preferences from newly hired teachers and educators. So, the teachers and educators will then be posted in the order of merit.

Posting Orders:

iv) All posting orders shall be issued through e-Transfer System. Posting on in-service promotion (seniority-based)

i) Upon promotion, the Teacher shall be posted during the e-Transfer round as per all available options in the Department on a seniority basis.

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ii) The procedure shall be as under

a. Before the e-transfer round begins, the Department will update the status of promoted teachers on the School Information System (SIS). During the e-transfer round, the Department will ask promoted teachers for their preferences for posting against all available vacant positions. The Department will then issue posting orders based on the promoted teachers’ seniority and given preferences.

b. In case, the Teachers do not add any preference or fail to actualize promotion due to lesser options indicated or selected by them against all available options offered to them during the e-Transfer round. The orders shall be issued as far as practicable, at the schools/places wherever vacancy is available as per the requirement of the Department through School Information System (SIS).

c. Any promoted Teacher who does not join his post within the prescribed joining time mentioned in the posting order. Therefore, he shall deem to have forfeited his right of promotion.

d. Ex-MCL Schools shall join Ex-MCL cadre Teachers on their promotion. If promoted teachers from the Ex-MCL Cadre and General Cadre both seek to teach at the same Ex-MCL school. So, the government will give preference to Ex-MCL Cadre Teachers over the General Cadre Teachers.

Download Full pdf Policy 2022
Ranking Criteria:
  1. For e-transfers of teachers in different cases of open merit and hardship (divorced, widowed, wedlock, marriage, disability, and medical), the Department will observe the following ranking criteria.



Latest Update on 30-11-2022.

Application Date 15-12-2022 to 25-12-2022

E Transfer 2022 Schedule Issued: Download Now

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Online Transfer Orders of Teachers:

However, it seems that you are asking about the process of transferring teachers using an online system. This process may vary depending on the specific policies and procedures in place at the school or educational institution where the transfer is taking place.

Generally, online transfer orders for teachers involve the use of a digital platform or system to request and facilitate the transfer of a teacher from one school or location to another.

In some cases, online transfer orders for teachers may also involve the use of an e-transfer system to transfer funds or other resources related to the transfer.


Finally, the E-Move Strategy in Punjab is an honorable step towards modernizing the educator move process. By utilizing innovation and advancing straightforwardness, the public authority expects to make a fair and productive framework that benefits the two instructors and understudies. With the most recent updates and the accessibility of the PDF record, educators can now get to clear directions and rules for the exchange cycle. This computerized change in the training area is probably going to make ready for additional dynamic changes from here on out.

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