Notification Winter Vacation in Punjab issued in December

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Winter Vacation Notification in Punjab: Embracing the Chills of December

Date: December 2023

As December approaches, bringing with it the enchanting charm of winter, the state of Punjab gears up for a well-deserved break. The much-anticipated “Winter Excursion Notice” is a superb declaration that spreads delight among understudies, instructors, and families the same.

The Arrival of Winter Vacation:

With temperatures dropping and a festive aura enveloping the air, the Punjab government typically issues the Winter Vacation Notification in early December. This decision is taken to ensure the safety and well-being of students during the harsh winter months when the weather can be quite unforgiving.

Duration and Scope:

The duration of the winter vacation may vary from year to year, but it generally spans around two to three weeks. The break applies to educational institutions ranging from primary schools to colleges across the state. The ample time off allows students and educators to recharge their batteries and return with renewed enthusiasm for the upcoming academic term.

Impact on Education:

Some critics may argue that extended vacations disrupt the learning process, but the winter vacation in Punjab is strategically timed to minimize any potential drawbacks. As December marks the end of the first semester or term in the academic calendar, it acts as a natural breakpoint in the teaching and learning process. This allows students and teachers to wrap up the syllabus for the current term and prepare for the next phase without significant interruption.

Promoting Family Time and Festivities:

One of the most cherished aspects of winter vacation in Punjab is the spirit of togetherness and celebration it fosters among families.

In Punjab, December is marked by several significant festivals, including Christmas and Gurupurab (celebrating the birth of Guru Nanak Dev Ji). The Punjabi people place a great deal of religious and cultural significance on these celebrations. Families can celebrate these occasions together during the winter break, strengthening their bonds and passing down traditions to future generations.

Tourism and Local Economy:

Apart from being a time of merriment and family bonding, the winter vacation also contributes to the local economy, especially in tourist destinations. Many families choose to utilize the break to explore popular hill stations and scenic spots within Punjab and neighboring states. This influx of tourists benefits the hospitality and tourism industries, providing an economic boost during the winter season.

winter vacation 2021 in Punjab notification:

The government issued a Notification for Winter Vacation in Punjab 2021 in December. So, the school education department issued the first notification on 20th December 2021.

However, the school education in Punjab has issued a notification SO(A-I)1-31/2008. So, the government has divided all 36 districts into two phases. NCOC session is going to confirm 100% vaccination before the winter holidays.

Notification of Winter Vacation in Punjab issued in December

In addition, they have decided to announce holidays in two phases. So, in those districts where the students have been vaccinated, there will be holidays from 23rd December. Similarly, the government has decided to give holidays in 24 districts from 23rd December 2021.


In other words, the Punjab government SED has decided on holidays from 3rd January in the second phase. In this second phase, there are 12 districts.

24 Districts where Holidays from 23rd December to 6th January:

However, the School education department has announced winter holidays as described above in the following districts.

  1. Kasur
  2. Sialkot
  3. Narowal
  4. Faisalabad
  5. Sahiwal
  6. Gujrat
  7. Gujranwala
  8. Pakpattan
  9. Sheikhupura
  10. Okara
  11. Vehari
  12. Khanewal
  13. Lahore
  14. Khushab
  15. Hafizabad
  16. Multan
  17. Lodhran
  18. Bahawalpur
  19. Bahawalnagar
  20. Sargodha
  21. Mandi Bahaudin
  22. Toba Tek Singh
  23. Nankana Sahib
  24. Jhang

winter vacation 2022 in Punjab notification Click Here

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12 Districts where Holidays from 3rd January to 13th January 2022:

Similarly, the Punjab SED has announced winter vacations as per NCOC instructions and vaccination drive in schools, and all public and private schools will remain closed from 3rd January to 13th January 2022.

  1. Jhelum
  2. Mianwali
  3. Attock
  4. Muzaffargarh
  5. Chakwal
  6. Bhakkar
  7. Rawalpindi
  8. Rajanpur
  9. Layyah
  10. Rahim Yar Khan
  11. DG Khan
  12. Chiniot

Notification Long & Short Winter Vacations December 2021

Download Full Notification in pdf 


Notification Winter Vacation in Punjab 2021

At last, SED has decided according to NCOC and the High Court. So, all public and private schools will observe holidays as mentioned above criteria. Therefore, people can watch this news in Urdu on My YouTube. Similarly, subscribe to my channel too.

Above all, I think this will satisfy your requirements. So, you may download full notifications in PDF format too.

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In Punjab, the December Winter Vacation Notification is a celebration of the season and an acknowledgement of the significance of family, celebration, and well-being. As we bid adieu to the academic term, let us welcome the winter vacation with open arms and cherish the joy it brings to our lives.

So, as the temperatures drop and the winter vacation commences, let the spirit of warmth and togetherness fill the hearts of the people of Punjab, making this December a time to remember.

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