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Today I am sharing a YouTube video about how to earn Facebook revenue in Pakistan. So, I introduce the Qasim Ali Shah Foundation which is working for youth earnings. Therefore, follow the steps to earn money from Facebook.

However, a large number of Pakistanis are using this Facebook social media platform. But they did not know how to make money from Facebook pages. So, the Qasim Ali Shah Foundation has started different courses and discussions.

How to Earn Facebook Revenue in Pakistan – Qasim Ali Shah

In addition, to help those who want to earn money, they can follow the instructions in the video below. In this video, Qasim Ali Shah is a host and Shahzad Mirza is a guest in the program. So he is talking about all Facebook users in Pakistan to make money easily.

In other words, all Pakistanis will join the courses first as described below in the program. So, please follow the steps to make money easily.

Facebook Monetization?

In 2021, Facebook started to monetize the pages with video creation. Therefore, all users may like to create a Facebook page first and then monetize that page to make money. A user is eligible to monetize his page if he follows the rules.

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Similarly, a user can make money online with in-stream ads and other Facebook ads.

Eligibility of Monetization:

You can check your page monetization status and apply for it. If you are following the monetization policy and community guidelines of Facebook. Then your eligible status may be green there.

What is Creator Studio?

Creator Studio is a platform for uploading videos there. So, you can boost your page and then meet the criteria fast. After that, you will be happy using Facebook.


YouTube and Facebook?

Firstly I talk on YouTube. We can create a YouTube Channel free of cost. But our Channel will monetize if we meet the minimum criteria of 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time.

Similarly, Facebook monetization is hard by rule. So, we can monetize our page with the following categories.

  1. in-stream ads,on-demand.
  2. Fan Subscriptions
  3. Stars
  4. Instant Articles
  5. Paid Online Events
  6. in-stream ads for Live
  7. Brand Collabs Manager

But I am talking today about in-stream ads. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to monetize my page first. The minimum requirement of followers is 1000 followers. In the last sixty days, you should reach 15 thousand engagements and 180000 minutes of your all videos.

Monetize your FB page Fast How?

To monetize your Facebook page fast, you should follow the steps below,

  1. Sell the Services to grow your Facebook Page Fast.
  2. Use a third party to sell your products.
  3. A website usage to sell the products too.
  4. Use Affiliate Marketing websites.
  5. Website monetization on mobile devices.

At last, Facebook is sharing revenue with creators as YouTube works and sharing revenue. YouTube shares are 55% and 45%. Similarly, Facebook is competing with YouTube. However, YouTube is a big platform but Facebook is no less than that. Therefore, in the future, Facebook may cross into the competition. So, we should follow the policy and create videos on Facebook.


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