KPK Conveyance Allowance Deduction Order 2021 of Education

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The Government KPK has issued Conveyance Allowance Deduction Order 2021 of the Education Department. So, the elementary and secondary education of KPK was issued on 18-10-2021.

However, the accountant general will receive it and implement this order soon Inshallah. Similarly, it has been submitted to the district accounts officer. So, the subject of that order is the Non-deduction of conveyance Allowance in respect of Ministerial, Teaching, and administrative staff RPDCs (M&F) during the summer and winter vacations.

KPK Conveyance Allowance Deduction Order 2021 of Education

In addition, the government has referred to a letter dated 14-09-2021 along with its enclosures. Therefore, they stated that all RPDC Institutes male and female are nonvocational. So, these have been nonvocational since their establishment. However, the district account officers are deducting the conveyance allowance of staff in these institutes.

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In other words, the officer has requested that do not deduct the conveyance allowance of staff working in nonvocational institutes. As all of you know the government deducts conveyance allowance during summer and winter vacations.

However, the Punjab government in Pakistan agrees to deduct salaries in respect of conveyance allowance. So, the teachers are filling writ petitions in this regard. Therefore, the high court t Lahore has decided but in no vain.


KPK Conveyance Allowance Deduction

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