Grant of Disparity Reduction Allowance Punjab Employees

علمی لاگ

Grant of Disparity Reduction Allowance for Punjab Employees. The government of Punjab finance has issued a letter in this regard. This letter has issued on 20th April 2021.

In addition, this letter has submitted to minister law, ICI&sd, Agriculture. Similarly, the finance secretary and ACS Punjab will attend this meeting too.

Grant of Disparity Reduction Allowance Punjab Employees

However, the chief minister Punjab has permitted to review disparities in the salaries of employees in the province. So, the ministers have scheduled a second meeting on Wednesday (21-04-2021) at 12:15PM. But they could not organize this meeting on time. They delayed this meeting till thursday 22 April at 1:30PM.

So, the finance minister has chaired this meeting today. Therefore, all ministers were agree to give 25% DRA to the employees of Punjab. Now they will prepare recommendations for cabinet meeting again.

This meeting has completed today in the committee room of finance secretariate Lahore.

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Terms of Reference:

  1. They will map comprehensively all government servants of BPS 1 to 22. So, it is their duty to regulate pay and allowances in the employees.
  2. They will remove disparity in the pay and allowances under the notification of DRA of federal government issued recently.
  3. it is duty to check financial impact of this DRA on upcoming budget 2021.

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Grant of Disparity Reduction Allowance

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