Pay Fixation Chart 2021 and Press release for Federal Employees

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Pay Fixation Chart 2021 has uploaded on this page and a Press release for Federal Govt Employees too.

So, the Pakistan government Finance Division has issued a press release on 11th February 2021.

However, in accordance with the agreement reached between the Special Committee constituted by Prime Minister Imran Khan comprising Federal Minister and Defense Khattak, Federal Minister for Interior Sheikh Rashid Ahmed and Minister A State for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan and representatives of the Federal Government Employees.  So, the Finance Division has agreed to the following in principle: –

Pay Fixation Chart 2021 and Press release for Federal Employees

a) Firstly, Disparity Reduction Allowance @25% of As basic pay of BPS-2017 shall be allowed to those civil employees in BPS (I-19) of the Federal Government (including employees of Federal Secretariat and attached departments) who have never been allowed additional salary equal to or more than 100% of the basic pay (whether frozen or not) or performance allowance w.e.f. 01 March. 2021.

b) So, the up-gradation of the posts from BPS1 to 16 as per KPK Provincial employees from 1st March.

c) A grant of time-scale considered for adoption on the same pattern in the next budget.

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d) The government will make part of the basic salary from July 2021 for pay fixation 2021.

e) The federal govt. recommends salary increase of provincial employees as per resources of the concerned province.

However, the finance division has sent the final summary for approval before the cabinet.

Pay Fixation 2021 Chart for Federal Employees:

So, a new pay chart has shown below,

DOWNLOAD Full Pay Scale Chart Stagewise Here

Pay Fixation Chart 2021
Pay Fixation Chart 2021

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