Notification Punjab Civil Servants Retirement Service Rules 2021

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Notification Punjab Civil Servants Retirement Service Rules 2021. So, a full directory retirement TORs has issued here. You can download and use it. The services and General Administration Department has issued this notification on 16-02-2021.

In addition, there is an amendment in the service rules of 1974. The first page of the notification has explained the terms used in it. So, different committees have made for the future.

Notification Punjab Civil Servants Retirement Service Rules 2021

However, there is a total of four-page this notification. So, different rules regarding employees of Pakistan have explained. The promotion cases after DPC and consider NAB cases of employees too.

Directory Retirement:

Similarly, the procedure of directory retirement has told here. A list of employees will be prepared. So, a civil servant will complete the service record in this regard. The retirement board or committee will review the full record of the civil servant.

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In addition, the mandatory review will be taken from the committee. So, the case of superannuation has discussed in this notification. similarly, they have discussed the premature retirement option of employees too.

Above all, after reviewing a committee will send this issue to the competent authority. So the competent authority will recommend or reject the whole case.

Download Full Notification Here

Notification Punjab Civil Servants
Notification Punjab Civil Servants

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