Salaries of WASA Employees in Pakistan doubled in 2020

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Salaries of WASA Employees in Pakistan
WASA Employees in Pakistan

Today I shall talk about the salaries of WASA employees in Pakistan. All we know that what the role of WASA in Pakistan is. The government increases the salaries of government employees in Pakistan.

Salaries of WASA employees in Pakistan doubled in 2020

In addition, A Multan Staff Reporter has reported in this regard. So, he has said that he is reporting about a ceremony for WASA employees. The President (Malik Waheed Rajwana) of Ghazi Union WASA (CBA) has said that the salaries of WASA employees have been doubled in the year 2020.

However, He said that in this period a DPC of clerks yet has held. Similarly, there were 13 clerks who have promoted. Above all, he said that I have increased the circle in-charge seats. There were 16 seats. But now it has increased to 20 seats. It means there is a 25 percent increase.

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The president further said that he has a role to increase recovery seats too. In other words, the association is standing with the employees of WASA. So, more work will be done in the future.

In the budget, the PTI government has not increased salaries. However, the government has increased in the form of an annual increment in December.

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