Latest Ad-hoc Relief Allowance (2023) Basic Pay Scale Chart

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The latest Ad-hoc Relief Allowance 2023 Basic Pay Scale Chart has been uploaded on this page. Due to corona, the government has decided to increase pay and pension up to 35%. So, all employees of Pakistan may download these basic pay scale charts for the future.

Download Basic Pay Scale Chart 2023-24


Download Regular Pay Scale Revised Chart 2020 for all Govt Employees

Latest AR Allowance 2023 Basic Pay Scale Chart:

The government will announce soon an Ad-hoc Allowance in 2023. It may change from 30% to 35% and Pension 17.5%. But there is no clarification of the government of Pakistan yet. I have uploaded it here for your kind information before the budget 2023-24.

However, all employees of Pakistan are expecting more increase in salaries. Similarly, all retired employees are watching the government budget for 2023-24 relief now. The Pakistani government will be able to give a big relief in this corona situation. It is not the right time to say something.

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Punjab Government Employees Ad-hoc Relief 2023:

Furthermore, the Punjab government is announcing that we are not in a situation to increase salaries and pensions for employees. They are watching the federal budget speech for 2023-24. The Finance Minister of Punjab has said that our government in the province is in the worst economic situation. So, we shall say sorry to the employees of Punjab regarding salary and pension increases.

However, all employees federations in Punjab and in the whole country are saying that the government should increase salaries and pensions. They say that there is a more inflation rate in the country. Therefore, the govt employees are suffering in this situation. So the Punjab government and federal govt should take action for pay and pension.

Lastly, we hope that the government will announce a merger of two ad-hoc relief allowances and a 30% ad-hoc relief allowance in 2023 in the budget speech. In this post, you will download two basic pay sale charts and a new basic pay scale chart will be uploaded soon.

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