Punjab Taleem Ghar Program 2020 Local Cable Networks

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Punjab Taleem Ghar Program 2020 Local Cable Networks

The government of Punjab has initiated Taleem Ghar for students of Punjab. School education has updated this program with the new educational calendar.

Therefore, as you know there is a corona pandemic situation. So, the provincial government has started lectures online. A website has launched taleemghar.punjab.gov.pk.

Punjab Taleem Ghar Program 2020:

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The government is acting now to teach children at home. But there is a responsibility of parents to take part in it.

In this program, teachers will deliver their lectures online. The parents should follow the govt instructions. The school education department has given a timetable for these lectures.

However, Online lectures will be available on local cable networks. Local cable network operators will follow the instructions of the government. So, the government’s timing is from 9 AM to 1 PM.

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Due to the coronavirus situation, there are problems in the country. All student board exams have been postponed till further orders.

The students are suffering in the country. They are waiting at homes due to the lockdown. Therefore, the government has decided to homeschool in the province of Punjab.

Other provincial governments may take action on it. The education department of the provinces will work for students. Our students are studying at home but it is necessary to provide appropriate coaching to them.

Lastly, Taleem Ghar is a good initiative of the government at this time. The website is taleemghar.punjab.gov.pk. This website may not work sometimes. Because there are a large number of students in Punjab.

So, huge traffic may down that website. The government should work and upgrade this website soon. A large number of students will visit daily. They will download their lectures if cable operators are not helping in this situation.

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