Federal Govt Employees Budget 2020 Latest News Update

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Federal Govt Employees Budget 2020 Latest News Update 

The Govt of Pakistan has announced a 100 % salary increase for federal government employees. It is the latest news update for Pakistan employees. 

Prime Minister Imran Khan chaired a meeting for the budget 2020. He will announce a 100% salary and 50 % allowances for Pakistan employees. 

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Federal Govt Employees Budget 2020:

The government has increased employees’ salaries by up to 100 percent. Similarly, a prime minister will announce a 50 percent increase in allowances. 

All you know is that there are several coronavirus cases in Pakistan. So, it is difficult for the government of Pakistan to announce a budget in time. You can not say there are orders from a single person. 

So, the prime minister of Pakistan is gathering information. He ordered a specific meeting to discuss the coronavirus pandemic.  The PM Imran Khan urges the world to live in peace and prosperity. 

Federal Govt Employees & Finance Minister:

The finance minister Nirmala Sivaraman is a minister of India. She can get the best situation. Due to the coronavirus, our finance minister will handle the situation inshallah. 

In other words, who is the finance minister of Pakistan? The finance minister seat has been filled. The person (finance minister of Pakistan) name is Abdul Hafeez Shaikh. 

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Budget Speech 2020:

A budget speech for 2020 is expected in June. Every year the government presents a budget in May or June. Due to the coronavirus, the upcoming budget for 2020 will be disturbed this year. 

Therefore, the Finance minister and his team have prepared a summary of economic growth. They expected a 3% economic growth this year. 

High Court Bench:

The Lahore High Court LHC will make decisions on the annual budget for court employees. The single-bench high court to decide the matter. 

However, the court of Pakistan decides originally. All court matters are handled by the judges. Due to coronavirus, the judges took the decision to close or open the courts. 

In addition, there are a large number of tests positive for coronavirus in Pakistan. It is an alarming situation for the future. All courts stand with the nation of Pakistan. 

In conclusion, we say that federal govt employees waited a whole year. So, the government of Pakistan should increase as said in this news. If there is any confusion please comment below.

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