Uniform Salary Increase Calculator 2020 for all Secretaries in Pakistan

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The government decided to take a uniform bps salary increase calculator for all secretaries and staff. A committee recommends that all secretaries will avail the same salary increase in 2020.  The salary increase in 2020 will satisfy the secretariat employees of Pakistan.

Uniform Salary Increase Calculator 2020
Uniform Salary Increase Calculator 2020

Update BPS Salary Calculator 2020

BPS Salary Increase calculator 2020 Proposals:

It educated that the Finance Division finished its underlying work on the proposals of the board of trustees. The Adviser to the Prime Minister on Institutional Reforms and Austerity has additionally been accepted, the council educated. Since Secretary, Finance division, could not go to a meeting because of some squeezing commitment. Therefore, Mr.Muhammad Sohail Rajput, Additional Secretary, Finance Division, Briefed the individuals about advancement on the issue.

Unique Recommendations 2020:

So, Fund Division educated that three unique recommendations were getting looked at:
Firstly, a 100% uniform increase of essential compensation as Secretariat Allowance for all workers BS-01 to BS-22 for Federal Secretariat.
Secondly, Utility Allowance as half compensation for representatives in BS-01 to BS-16; 100% of fundamental compensation as Special Incentive Allowance for workers in BS-17 to BS-20 and 150% for BS-21 and BS-22; while, Federal Secretaries and Additional Secretaries in-Charge Ministries/Divisions will be qualified for Executive Allowance equal to the Chief Secretaries.
At last, a raise in essential compensation for framework posts of Federal Secretariat just at the accompanying rates:

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For instance, 100% of fundamental compensation for Section Officer (BS-17 & BS-18), Deputy Secretariat (BS-19) and Joint Secretary (BS-20);
Therefore, 150% of fundamental compensation for Sr. Joint Secretary or Additional Secretary in-control Ministries & Divisions to get a single amount Executive Allowance of Rs.400,000/ –
Above all, the Secretaries’ Committee examined the issue finally. Therefore, the individuals were of the view that a uniform raise was a reasonable alternative. It is extra motivation for Federal Secretaries, and Additional Secretaries responsible for Ministries or Divisions. The Committee saw with worry that deferral in the conclusion of the case was creating an inclination of uneasiness among Federal Secretariat officials. It was, therefore, emphatically encouraged that Finance Division ought to settle the case and send it to the Prime clergyman’s Office for Consideration of the Prime Minister on need.

Uniform bps Salary Calculator Increase

Salary Increase 120% Decisions:

A committee decided a salary increase of 120% as under:

  1. a) A uniform raise of 120% of essential compensation as Secretary Allowance for all workers BS-01 to BS-22 of Federal Secretariat;
  2. b) Federal Secretaries and Additional Secretaries will take sensible Executive Allowance for staff and secretaries.
  3. c) The previously mentioned Allowance Should be made successful from first January 2020; and

At last, I told you all employees that Finance will process any case on a need basis.

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