Conveyance Allowance 2020 Payment Recovery on Leave Title

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District Accounts Officer explain Conveyance Allowance 2020 Payment Recovery on Leave Title.
District Accounts Officer Sahiwal issued a letter on 4th January 2020. This letter posted to all district education officers elementary & secondary. All deputy education officers of Sahiwal will also follow this letter.
The subject of this letter is Leave Title and Recovery of Conveyance Allowance.
It refers to the subject as above. Therefore, there was a pre-requisite that the gazette employees will get leave title from the concerned Audit Office.

Conveyance Allowance 2020:

The competent authority will sanction the leaves for an employee. The undersigned observed it. He will forward their request to leave the title to this office. So, He directed to deposit the Challan into Government Treasury under head CO2814 in lieu of this Allowance.

A concerned officer will recover the Conveyance Allowance. Above all, it is not necessary & compelled (for the leave period).
An officer has mentioned here that ROP is not necessary to deposit. This ROP on account of Conveyance Allowance into Government Treasury was necessary.

For issuance of Leave Title, the prescribed Change Form for recovery or deduction is essential to submit. Conveyance Allowance for the period rendered to leaves may be forwarded along with a request to leave the title of the gazette employees.

Furthermore, the ROP or deduction of the Allowance depicted or shown in the Monthly Reconciliation Statements.  Receipts and Expenditure of the concerned Cost Centre have issued.
Therefore, It advised forwarding a prescribed change form. Lastly, change form with all necessary documents submitted for issuance of leave title.
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Conveyance Allowance 2020

Payment Recovery on Leave Title

Conveyance allowance has deducted in summer vacations. So, the court decides to payment recovery for teachers now. It is necessary to pay for teachers. Teachers are playing a vital role in the country. Therefore, the high court takes the decision in this regard.

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