Financial Assistance for Family of Deceased Employee in Sindh

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Sindh government finance department Karachi has issued a notification for Financial Assistance for Family. The NO: FD/B&E-I/ 2(413)/2019 on 23rd December 2019 for the employees of Sindh die in service.

Before that Sindh government, the finance department has issued two different notifications in this regard in the years 2005 and 2011 for family assistance after the death of an employee in service.
The circular letters have issued to provide a budget for the families of deceased employees on time regarding financial assistance. Families of deceased employees wait for a long time to avail of this financial assistance which is not good.

Financial Assistance for Family of Deceased Employee in Sindh

 3. It has decided by the higher authority to simplify the whole procedure for this financial assistance of the families. So, It has said that allocate funds from the cost center where that dead employee was working.
4. Similarly, It has also said by the government that an employee family should avail of this assistance as soon as possible without any delay. So, serious action against the officer and official will take who has involved in the time delay process.
So, It has also said that submit online assistance to the bereaved family of a dead employee. Therefore, It has decided to sanction the amount for individual cases in the future.
At last, this letter has sent to all administrative secretaries to implement it as soon as possible. Now sanction amount will be delivered online for a smooth and easy process of financial assistance.

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Financial Assistance for Family of Deceased Employee in Sindh

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