Punjab Teachers Rationalization 2019 School Education Department Lahore

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Punjab Teachers Rationalization 2019 School Education Department Lahore has updated.

Dr. Murad Raas Education minister Punjab Pakistan has announced that the rationalization of Punjab teachers. He will start on 14th October Monday under the school education department.
Therefore, he was addressing in a ceremony of Salam Teacher Day in Lahore. So, Dr. Murad Rass said that he will start this rationalization and 90% of school deficiency will remove 
However, Dr. Murad Raas said that all the data of teachers will online in the next 14 and 15 months.
Therefore, all the teachers are working in true spirit and respect. So, they will never think about domestic problems. So, they will focus totally on the teaching of our children.

Main Points:

  • Senior-most teachers of school will transfer around 10 to 12 KM.
  • Those teachers who have transferred recently, it will not be transferred through this process of rationalization.
  • Rationalization Policy 2019 uploaded soon.
  • Rationalization will totally on merit through SIS App.
  • This rationalization process will complete on 10th November 2019. After that transfer through wedlock or mutual will start.

Rationalization policy 2019 for Punjab teachers:

  1. Student-Teacher Ratio STR will be 1: 40
  2. For Nursery or class-I with enrollment 50, single the teacher will appoint.
  3. Class 6 to 8, if enrollment is about 135 considered as a single section school.
  4. For Elementary Single Section School ;
    1. SST/Head Teacher (only for file, School) =01
    2. EST (PET) =01
    3. ESTs (AT/OT) =01
    4. ESTs (Science/SV/English/General/Arts) =03

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  1. For High Single Section School,
    1.  SST (Computer Science} 01
    2.  SSTs (Science/Math-physics/Biology-Chemistry) 01
    3.  SST (Arts/English) 02
    4.  To every single section of High School, at least one SST (Science) should be provided.
    5.  SST (Science) may provide as per criteria in case of more than one section.
  1.  Preferably General Science should be taught by the SSTs (Science) where available subject to workload.
  2.  In other words, Vacant posts of SST (Arts) shall convert into SST (Math-Physics / Biology-Chemistry/ English) on a need basis.
  3.  Therefore, the posts of IT- Teacher/SST (Computer Science) not rationalize.
  4.  So, Additional SSTs will calculate @11/2 SSTs per section of 45 students.
  5.  If enrollment of the school is more than 1000, one additional post of SESE-PET may provide through the rationalization process.
  6.  At last, The Class-IV employees in High and Higher Secondary schools:
    1. Enrollment up to 500: Maximum 05
    2. and upto100: Maximum 07
    3. Enrollment upto1500: Maximum 09
    4. similarly, Enrollment above 1500: 11

Teachers Transfer policy of Rationalization:

So, it is rationalization policy 2020 in the Punjab education department

  1. Firstly, for rationalization, the vacant posts will shift which have surplus shifted to the schools where deficiency in staff, in enrollment descending order will start.
  2.  So, Shifting of a post with the incumbent for rationalization, preference will be given to the willing incumbent in the respective category of post.
  3.  However, If there is a non-willing for rationalization, the senior-most (incumbent)  on basis of seniority  of the respective given category of the given post will be shifted with a given post in a school
  4.  Lastly, in shifting cases, if 2 or more persons want to adjust in the same school then the senior-most among them will get preference.
Punjab Teachers Rationalization 2019
Punjab Teachers Rationalization 2019

Punjab Teachers Rationalization 2019 School Education Department Lahore

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