Latest Terms of Service for AEOs School Education Department Punjab

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Notification No, SO (SE-111)5-226/2017 has issued. So, the latest Terms of Service for AEOs has updated now. The government of the Punjab school education department issued dated Lahore, the 12th of July, 2019.

Latest Terms of Service AEOs School SED

Latest Terms of Service for AEOs School Education Department Punjab

However, in supersession of this Department’s Notifications of even number dated 12.09.2017 & 18.12.2018,. So, the Competent Authority has pleased to revise the TORs of AEOs. The AEOs will now perform two primary responsibilities:
(i)                Provide general school support; and
(ii)              Support Head Teachers and Teachers in their leadership, management, and instruction roles as elucidated below.

‘1. School Support

In addition, the AEOs will provide general school support in the following ways:
  • 1 The AEOs will support Head Teachers in  • Developing the School-Based Improvement Plan (SBIP)1 in accordance with the School Improvement Framework (SIF)2 Implementing the SBIP. Conducting regular self-appraisals of their schools’ effectiveness in terms of the SIF. Tracking the progress of each component of the SBIP for all schools in their span. • Management and administration of their schools. This includes HR management of both teaching and non-teaching staff assigned to the schools. • Effectively constituting and engaging with the School Councils (SCs). • Maintaining the Student Information System (SIS) with valid and accurate information at all times.
  • 2. The AEOs will support School Councils (SCs) to • Effectively engage with local communities and philanthropists to play an active role in gory No_ 6_ school improvement. optimally utilize NSB funds in accordance with NSB guidelines for school improvement. 6 (planning/management). Dig)   * Help creates awareness about the importance of schooling, sports, health, and effective parent-child interactions on a regular basis.
  • 3. The AEOs will provide miscellaneous school support such as • Staff motivation: AEOs will play a leadership role to inculcate integrity, ownership, and continuous reflection/improvement among all school staff. • Student health and hygiene: AEOs will maintain regular contact with School Health & Nutrition Supervisors (SHNS) to follow-up on screening and treatment of students.

At last,

1. Each school will develop a structured School-Based Improvement Plan based on standardized templates.

2. School Improvement Framework will provide a measure of schools’ effectiveness in terms of well-defined indicators covering multiple dimensions, including participation, infrastructure, as well as teaching and learning practices.

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