Abolition of Supervisory Posts Punjab Finance Department

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Notification No.FD.PC.14-19/2014 dated Lahore the 9th January 2019 regarding Punjab Finance Department Functions about Abolition of Supervisory Posts by a government of the Punjab finance department.
Mr. Hamed Yaqoob Sheikh Finance Secretary

Abolition of Supervisory Posts Punjab Finance Department


In a bold and progressive move, the Punjab Finance Department has issued a notification for the abolition of supervisory posts within its administrative structure. This decision, rooted in the pursuit of efficiency, transparency, and cost-effectiveness, marks a significant step towards modernizing the state’s bureaucracy. The move has garnered attention and praise for its potential to streamline operations, eliminate redundancies, and promote a more equitable distribution of responsibilities.

1. All Admin-Secretaries to Punjab Government 2. The Secretary to Governor. Punjab, Lahore 3. The Secretary to Chief Minister, Punjab, Lahore 4. The Military Secretary to Governor. Punjab, Lahore 5. The Secretary, Punjab Provincial Assembly, Lahore 8. The Secretary, Punjab Public Service Commission, Lahore 7. The Registrar, Lahore High Court, Lahore. 8. All Heads of Attached Departments, In Punjab 9. Autonomous Bodies in Punjab 10. All Commissioners in the Punjab 11.Deputy Commissioners in the Punjab 12. All-District & Sessions Judges in the Punjab 13. The Chief Pilot, VIP Flight. Lahore 14. The Registrar, Lahore High Court, Lahore 15. The Provincial Director. Local Fund Audit, Punjab. Lahore.


Absorbed to rise to a subject named above & to municipal that Punjab Governor has been delighted to abolish all supervisory posts(which are vacant), Administrative-Officer, Planning-Progress Officer, Budget & Accounts Officer, Registrar Departmental Examinations, Officer In-charge (B&A), Progress Officer, Store Officer, and similarly circumstanced posts with immediate effect and to declare filled posts as dying cadre. 2. Further, if the abolished/declared dying cadre posts had a promotion channel and the holder of the post of Superintendent fulfills the criteria, he will be provided a promotion to that post through the amendment in the service rules from the appropriate forum. 3. Further necessary, an action may be taken accordingly by the Administrative Departments.
NO. & DATE EVEN; a copy is forwarded for information and 1. The Accountant General Punjab, Lahore. 2. All District-Accounts Officers Punjab. 3. The Treasury Officer, Lahore.

Punjab Finance Department Functions

Punjab Finance Department Functions about Abolition of Supervisory Posts

Transforming Administrative Structure: Abolition of Supervisory Posts Notification by Punjab Finance Department

Rationale Behind Abolition

The decision to abolish supervisory posts within the Punjab Finance Department is backed by a thorough analysis of the existing administrative framework. Over time, bureaucratic structures tend to accumulate layers of management, resulting in cumbersome decision-making processes, communication bottlenecks, and resource misallocation. By eliminating supervisory positions, the Finance Department aims to flatten its hierarchy, enabling faster decision-making, improved coordination, and a more agile response to emerging challenges.

Furthermore, this move aligns with the global trend towards leaner and more adaptive organizations. Many private sector entities have already embraced flatter organizational structures, recognizing the benefits of improved collaboration, greater autonomy, and enhanced employee engagement. The Punjab Finance Department’s decision reflects a commitment to adopting contemporary management practices while ensuring optimal utilization of available resources.

Key Benefits

  1. Enhanced Efficiency: The removal of supervisory layers reduces bureaucratic red tape, enabling quicker decision-making and smoother execution of tasks. Employees can directly communicate with higher-level authorities, promoting agility in responding to issues.
  2. Transparency: With fewer intermediaries, the flow of information becomes more transparent and direct. This transparency can lead to better accountability and reduced chances of miscommunication.
  3. Cost Savings: Eliminating supervisory posts reduces administrative overhead, such as salaries, benefits, and facilities. This redirection of resources can be channeled toward critical projects and services.
  4. Empowerment of Employees: A flatter structure empowers employees by allowing them to take on more responsibility and contribute directly to the decision-making process.
  5. Adaptability: So, Organizations must be agile and responsive in the fast-paced world. A leaner structure enables the Finance Department to adapt swiftly to changing economic landscapes and emerging fiscal challenges.
  6. Equitable Workload Distribution: The abolition of supervisory roles can lead to a fairer distribution of tasks among employees. This can help prevent overburdening a few individuals while fostering a collaborative work environment.

Challenges and Mitigations

While the move to abolish supervisory posts holds great promise, it is essential to address potential challenges. The transition may cause uncertainty among some employees, and new processes and guidelines will need to be established to ensure smooth functioning. Clear communication, training, and a well-defined roadmap for the transformation will be crucial in mitigating these concerns.


The Punjab Finance Department’s notification regarding the abolition of supervisory posts marks a significant milestone in bureaucratic reform. By embracing a flatter organizational structure, the department demonstrates its commitment to efficiency, transparency, and effective resource utilization. This move is not only in line with contemporary management principles but also sets an example for other government bodies seeking to enhance their administrative efficiency. The true success of this transformation will lie in the meticulous planning, seamless execution, and ongoing evaluation of the new structure, ultimately leading to a more agile and responsive finance department for the state of Punjab.

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