Pension Calculator 2018 Retired Employees Pakistan in Excel

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Pension Calculator 2018 of Retired Employees Pakistan with MS Excel Training. It means the pension calculator excel format.

Raja Muhammad Idrees has prepared this Punjab Pension Calculator on 27-09-2018 for retired employees of Pakistan. This Pension Calculator named “Pension Calculator 2018”. So, It has prepared in MS Excel Sheet forever. It has used for retired employees of Pakistan in an easy way.

Pension Calculator 2018 Retired Employees:

First of all, you should download from the given link, and after downloading you can follow these steps.

1.      Enter Employee Name in front of that cell of MS Excel Sheet.
2.      Enter Age on the retirement of the desired employee (Note that if an employee age is e.g 58 years & 7 months then take it as 59 years and if it is 58 years & 5 months the 58 years)
3.      Enter Running Basic Pay at the time of retirement.
4.      In the end Total service at the time of retirement.


However, After following these steps you will be able to get all the required values regarding Pension and commutation.

Above all, Download Punjab Pension Calculator excel format 2018:


Discover your presumable retirement wage
However, our ILMILOG team has the expertise to manage wages. So, you’ll get when you resign. Therefore, this will incorporate salary from characterized advantage and characterized commitment plans, in addition to, either the fundamental State Pension or the new State Pension, contingent upon when you have conceived.

In other words, our team works on the pension formula excel 2018.

So, you’ll additionally see whether your conceivable retirement salary is short. What you have to finance your coveted way of life in retirement?

  1. Work out your State Pension age and State Pension salary sum
  2. Choose your retirement age
  3. Calculate the objective salary you’d like in retirement
  4. Tell us about your annuity pots, current commitments, and some other wellsprings of salary
  5. Let us conjecture your presumable retirement pay
  6. We’ll recognize any retirement deficiency and propose approaches to enhance this.

Lastly, the ILMILOG team works for you. It is good to consider pension formula excel 2018 here. So, Give your response. therefore, If you have any problem please contact us. In conclusion, So, All employees can calculate salary with this pension calculator excel format.

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