Federal Employees Only House Rent Allowance Notification

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Federal Employees Only House rent. Pakistan Government, Finance Department issued a Notification regarding House Rent HR Allowance 2018. It has issued on 02-07-2018. This is Federal Government notification No. F.No.2(2)/R-5/2010.
As indicated there has expanded the House Rent Allowance half of the running one. So, the workers are getting  House Rent Allowance 2018. It is on the underlying Revised Pay Scale 2008 @ 30% or 45%. This recompense has been expanded with an impact from the first of July 2018.

It is to specify here that there is the detail of House Rent Allowance 2018 Increased for the representatives of BPS-01 to BPS-22. As indicated by the 2018 Budget Speech there has been an increment in House Rent Allowance and House Requisition Hiring. House Rent Allowance HRA 2018 has been shared here for federal employees.

Federal Employees Only House Lease Allowance Increased:

However, there has expanded half of the running House Rent Allowance. For instance, on the off chance that you get prior to 1000 as HRA then your new HRA will be Rs. 1500/ – every month.
Therefore, the detail is as under for the representatives of BPS-01 to BPS-22.
It is to say here that I had effectively shared the Expected House Rent Allowance for the Govt Employees. So, that is 100% the same according to the spending plan 2018 Speech.


House Rent Allowance 2018 Notification for Federal Employees Only

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