Punjabedupoint is a blog covering Motivational & Inspirational posts for teachers and students. We aim in the future to gear up my skills for others. Our team is helping on different platforms online at that time.

This blog will cover the latest tech news. This blog will help others to earn at home. This blog is founded by Muhammad Idrees (Ilmilog Owner) with a partnership with a UK friend.

ILMILOG team has a good reputation worldwide in the best blogging work. Our team has a plan of work to help others online in different ways.

Hi Friends

I am Raja Ruhab from the UK. You can also call me Rehab.

I am a professional teacher on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram. I have learned so much from YouTube and Google experts. I have created so many blogs on blog spot and ILMILOG is the best one of them. So is sharing my knowledge online on this site.

My Aim:

My aim is to provide useful information regarding Education department employees’ news, Educators Jobs, Study abroad, NTS Jobs related to Education, etc. Help Poor People to get education easily with ease of this my information here.

Objectives of My Site:

The main objective of this website is to provide service to the community and provide information from resources where one can easily and quickly find the information and act on it.

My Best Blog

My blog named ILMILOG is about the latest news of Employees related to the Education department. This is my first reputed blog on the Education niche where you can find all types of news related to the education department and educators’ news. It is specific to especially educator Users but also some sort of information for users searching for education news, teaching jobs, study abroad, etc.

Our Team

We are many people working together all over the world on this website to help teachers and students of the poor country. In the team, maximum workers are working with us from different countries. Main key holders are as follows,

Admin: Muhammad Younis (USA)

Admin: Asam Sattar (from Greece)

Author: Qamar Nawaz (from the UK)

Writer: Muhammad Idrees (from Pakistan)

As you visit this site, it is a website for Education News Articles. So maximum visitors to this site are from Europe and Asia. Socontact us for any queries or help.

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