Download Pay & Pension increase Notification Issued Punjab

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Download Punjab Government Issues Pay and Pension Increase Notification


Download Pay & Pension Increase Notification Issued Punjab

In a move aimed at improving the financial well-being of its employees and retirees, the Punjab government has recently issued a significant notification regarding an increase in pay and pension. This decision reflects the government’s commitment to acknowledging the hard work and dedication of its workforce, as well as ensuring that retirees can lead a dignified post-retirement life. The notification outlines the details of the pay and pension increases, which are expected to have far-reaching effects on the lives of numerous individuals and families across the province.

Pay Increase Highlights

The notification entails a substantial increase in the salaries of government employees across various sectors. This pay increase is a well-deserved acknowledgment of the efforts put in by these individuals in contributing to the development and functioning of the province. The implementation of this increase is set to alleviate financial burdens and provide employees with better-earning potential. It also serves as a morale boost for the workforce, encouraging higher levels of motivation and commitment to their respective roles.

Key Aspects of the Pay Increase:

  1. Percentage Increase: The notification specifies the percentage increase that employees in different pay scales can expect. This well-structured approach ensures that the pay increase is equitable across the board and caters to employees at all levels.
  2. Arrears: The government’s commitment to retroactive payment, also known as arrears, means that employees will receive the increased amount for the time period that has elapsed since the pay revision was due. This thoughtful provision ensures that employees have compensated for any potential delays in implementing the pay increase.
  3. Implications for Families: The impact of this pay increase extends beyond the individual employees, as it positively affects their families and dependents. With higher incomes, families can look forward to improved standards of living, better education opportunities, and enhanced financial stability.

Pension Increase Highlights 17.5% & 20%:

Retirees often face financial challenges after their active working years. The pension increase outlined in the notification addresses this concern and strives to offer retirees a comfortable post-retirement life. The move demonstrates the government’s recognition of the lifelong contributions made by retired employees and their entitlement to a dignified retirement.

Pensioners are not admissible to get a 17.5% pension increase who will retire on or after 01-08-2023.
Download the Revised Pension Notification Here

Key Aspects of the Pension Increase:

  1. Indexation: The notification discusses the method of pension calculation, including the application of indexation. This mechanism accounts for inflation and ensures that the pension amount retains its value over time, allowing retirees to keep up with the rising cost of living.
  2. Timely Disbursement: Apart from the increased pension amount, the government emphasizes the importance of prompt and efficient disbursement. This commitment is a crucial aspect of providing retirees with the financial stability they need during their retirement years.
  3. Social Security: By enhancing pension amounts, the government not only promotes the well-being of retirees but also sets a precedent for ensuring social security in the broader context. This move underscores the government’s role in fostering a supportive environment for its citizens throughout their lives.


At last, the issuance of the pay and pension increase notification by the Punjab government is a testament to its dedication to the welfare of its employees and retirees. This step demonstrates a progressive approach to governance that values the contributions of its workforce and aims to provide financial security to retirees. By recognizing the significance of a stable income and post-retirement support, the government sets a precedent for other regions to follow suit. The positive impact of this decision will likely ripple through the lives of countless individuals and families, fostering a stronger and more prosperous society overall.

Download Summary Approved by Chief Minister & Cabinet Punjab in minutes of meeting


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