Special Conveyance Allowance Punjab Notification Issued

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Today I am sharing Special Conveyance Allowance Punjab Notification Issued. So, the government of Punjab finance department has issued this notification dated 25-10-2022. Therefore, it is necessary to tell you about Special Conveyance Allowance enhanced rate4000 per Month.

However, the disabled employees in the province were getting handsome amount of 2000 rupees. But it was not enough these days. Therefore, the chief minister and the governor of Punjab agrees to enhance these rates of conveyance.

Special Conveyance Allowance Punjab Notification Issued

In addition, the government has issued a notification number FD.PR.12-5(2015)2022. Therefore, the subject was grant of special conveyance allowance for disabled employees.

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The statement has been written in this notification as below,

In continuation of Finance Department’s letter No.FD.PR.12-5/2015 dated 18.07.2016, 19.07.2019 & 08.10.2019 (copies enclosed) and in pursuance of the approval of Competent Authority i.e., Chief Minister, the Governor of the Punjab has been pleased to enhance the rate of Special Conveyance Allowance admissible to disable employees of Punjab Government from Rs.2,000/- per month to Rs.6000/- per month in addition to normal Conveyance Allowance, with effect from 18.10.2022.
For the purpose of this allowance’s eligibility, all other terms and conditions will remain the same.

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Special Conveyance Allowance 2019:

To clarify the Special Conveyance Allowance 2019 to the Punjab Government Employees, the Government of the Punjab’s Finance Department has issued Notification No. FD.PR.12-5/2015 dated 08-10-2019. Details are as follows:
In addition to the letter from the Finance Department dated 19.07.2019, it is clarified that disabled employees are eligible for the special conveyance allowance in the manner described below:
1. Regardless of the type of disability, declared disabled by a competent Board before or after joining service.

2. Hired based on merit or any quota, including one for disabled workers.

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