Non-Salary Budget NSB Funds for Schools in Pakistan

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Today I am talking about Non-Salary Budget NSB Funds for Schools in Pakistan. So, the government announces NSB funds for school developments in the country.

Non-Salary Budget NSB Funds for Schools in Pakistan

Schools in Pakistan are set to receive additional funds. So, the government via non-salary budget (NSB) from April 1, 2013, onwards. NSB funds can be used by the headmaster of any public or private school to buy books, equipment and other learning materials for students. Similarly, they intended to help close the learning gap between rich and poor children.

These extra funds will surely help Pakistani schools do more for their students. As long as it’s used in the best way possible. Here’s how that can happen.

Non-Salary Budget NSB Funds

Categories of non-salary funds

What are non-salary funds?

Non-salary budget funds are a type of grant provided by the Government of Pakistan, specifically designed to provide extra resources for schools and other institutions. There are many categories of non-salary funds that can be used to increase quality of education. But they all have one thing in common: they should never be used as salaries.

Why schools need NSB money?

General information on non-Salary budget funds

Non-salary budget funds are federal grants that help schools pay for things not covered by regular school budgets, such as books and supplies. These funds may come from the US Department of Education or state governments. Schools in Pakistan will receive these funds to cover expenses that are not covered by their normal operating budget like student uniforms, toiletries, and expenses related to safety and security. These grants are a great way to assist with unexpected or unbudgeted needs.

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Distribution of funds across education zones

Providing non-salary budget NSB funds to schools in Pakistan will allow districts that need help the most, without enough economic resources, a better chance at helping children from all backgrounds. This will also allow these same school districts an opportunity to stop relying on other external or government aid and funding as their primary source of money. In order to have as successful a school system as possible, every aspect of education needs some kind of help.

District distribution

NSB has identified three districts that are the lowest income districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). These schools will receive funds from the Non-Salary Budget NSB Funds initiative. Schools in Quetta, Zhob and Layyah have been chosen due to their poverty status and marginalization, with a total of 15 schools receiving up to Rs. 10 million each.

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City Distribution

Non-Salary Budget NSB Funds will be distributed throughout major cities. Non-salary budget funds will be used to maintain cleanliness and hygiene, to secure water and sewage networks, provide safe drinking water, protect against disease and maintain waste management systems. The donations are being collected by the United Nations Development Programmed.

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