Latest Basic Pay Scale Chart News Budget for Employees

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Hello viewers. Today is the 22nd day of February 2022 and it is Tuesday. I shall talk about the latest pay scale chart. So, as you know. Your salary has been increased by 15% on Running Basic Pay. The government has made many recommendations.
These proposals and recommendations also called for a 50% increase in grades 1 to 22 due to inflation. Similarly, Rehman Bajwa said that the life of a government employee has become unbearable.

Latest Pay Scale Chart News Budget 2022 for Employees

Therefore, emphasis was laid on increasing the salaries of federal as well as provincial employees.
Viewers’ Emphasis was placed on the complete elimination of disparity. He also asked to increase the utility allowance of all employees by 25%. There was also talk of increasing house rent, medical, and convention allowances. There was also talk of a special convention allowance for people with disabilities, grades 1 to 16.

All users May download the Basic Pay Scale Chart 2023-24 Pakistan here

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After that, ad hoc allowance was also suggested to be integrated into basic pay. Finally, Rehman Bajwa told the pensioners that we cannot forget them. The rest of you can download it from my website Visit now.
Viewers, Your salary has been increased by 15% on Running Basic Pay. In which many recommendations have been made.
Now the government has announced an increase in running basic. But if there is no increase in running, then according to the 2017 Basic Basics, the increase from scale 1 to scale 22 will be what you see on the screen.
And if this increase is on a running basis, then you have this chart that you are looking at. It was released after the pay scale revision in 2017. It is still going on. Many ad hoc allowances are now included in your salary slip. Therefore, there is a strong possibility that the chart will be prepared accordingly. But your 15% disparity allowance increase will be according to the same 2017 pay chart. You can download this chart from my website Below is the link in the description.
It also plans to revise the new pay scale in collaboration with the Pay and Pension Commission and the Ministry of Finance. You will find it on my website soon. And there is a strong possibility that it will be announced in the budget itself.

Now I have uploaded the basic pay scale chart 2023-2024 for employees of Pakistan Click Here

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New Payscale Revised Chart 2022:

Some employees have uploaded this new chart in 2022. But this is not correct. I shall upload the correct chart soon.

Correct Pay Scale Chart 2022
Chart with errors Download in pdf format

Latest Pay Scale Chart 2022 download

15% Disparity allowance increase on initial basic pay scale 2017:

Understanding Basic Pay Scale Charts: A Comprehensive Overview of Past, Present, and Future


A pay scale chart is an essential tool for both employees and employers. It provides a clear structure for salary levels and helps ensure fair compensation for work performed. As the workforce evolves, pay scales are updated to reflect changing economic conditions and industry standards. In this article, we will delve into the significance of pay scale charts, examine historical data from 1972 to 2022, discuss the latest pay scale chart for 2022-23, and explore future pr


The Importance of Pay Scale Charts

Pay scale charts serve as a reference point for establishing appropriate compensation levels. They provide transparency and consistency, helping to reduce wage discrepancies and potential discrimination. Employers use pay scale charts to attract and retain talented employees by offering competitive salaries. Employees, on the other hand, can use these charts to negotiate fair wages and track their career progression.

Latest Pay Scale Chart 2022

Historical Pay Scale Charts

To understand the evolution of pay scales, it is crucial to examine historical data. The pay scale chart from 1972 to 2017 (in Excel format) highlights the changes in compensation structures over several decades. This data provides valuable insights into trends and patterns, helping organizations make informed decisions when designing new pay scales.

The 1972-2017 pay scale chart showcases the impact of economic factors,

such as inflation and market demands, on salaries. It demonstrates the gradual increase in wages across different industries and job roles. By studying this chart, employers can identify salary trends and adjust their compensation strategies accordingly.

Revised pay scale chart 2017
Old Pay Scale revised chart 2017:

Latest Pay Scale Chart for 2022-23

The most recent pay scale chart for 2022-23 is eagerly awaited by both employers and employees. It is crucial for organizations to stay up-to-date with the latest compensation standards to remain competitive in attracting and retaining top talent. While specific pay scale charts vary by industry and region, they generally reflect the prevailing economic conditions and government policies.

The 2022-23 pay scale chart is expected to incorporate various factors, including the impact of inflation, changes in minimum wage laws, and market trends. Employers will closely examine this chart to ensure their salary structures align with industry standards and meet the expectations of their workforce. Employees, on the other hand, can utilize the chart to gauge their earning potential and negotiate fair compensation packages.

Pay Scale Chart 1987 to 2022: A Comparative Analysis

Analyzing the pay scale chart from 1987 to 2022 allows us to understand the long-term changes in compensation patterns. This period witnessed significant economic shifts, technological advancements, and evolving labor market dynamics. By comparing the pay scale chart of different years, we can observe the growth of wages over time and identify any disparities or imbalances.

The pay scale chart from 1987 to 2022 shows a general upward trend in compensation levels, although the rate of increase varies across industries and job categories. It reveals the impact of economic recessions and recoveries, as well as changes in legislation affecting labor rights and minimum wage standards. This historical perspective is crucial for organizations to evaluate their current pay scales and make necessary adjustments to remain competitive and fair.

Future Projections and Pay Scale Chart Updates

As we look to the future, it is important to anticipate changes that may impact pay scales. Projections for future pay scale charts take into account various factors such as economic forecasts, inflation rates, industry growth, and government policies. These projections provide insights into potential salary trends and help organizations plan their compensation strategies accordingly.

To stay informed about the latest pay scale charts, employers and employees often refer to downloadable PDF versions available online. These PDFs provide detailed information about the pay scale structure and allow for easy access and reference.


Pay scale charts are critical tools that promote fairness and transparency in compensation structures. By studying historical data, analyzing the latest pay scale charts, and projecting future trends, organizations can ensure that their employees are fairly compensated and remain motivated. Employees can also utilize this information to negotiate their salaries effectively. As the workforce continues to evolve, pay scale charts will play a vital role in maintaining a balanced and competitive labor market

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