15% Disparity Reduction Allowance Summary Approved 2022

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The prime minister Imran Khan has approved 15% disparity reduction allowance summary. So, Rehman Bajwa has said that PM has approved this summary, and now cabinet will discuss on it.

15% Disparity Reduction Allowance 2022

15% Disparity Reduction Allowance Summary Approved 2022

AUDIENCE: As you know. That the government has increased your salary by 15% on running basic pay. And Prime Minister Imran Khan has also approved this summary of government employees. It will now be presented to the Cabinet. And the Ministry of Finance will also issue a notification.
Now, from March 1, the govt will apply this increase in your salary to your salary slip. And the increase will be for all provincial and federal employees. That will increase before the budget presentation.
Audience: Then the employees are expecting this increase in the upcoming budget. It is also hoped that the pay scale will be revised by integrating ad hoc allowances. Now your increase will be 15%. How much will this increase your salary? For that you have to look at the 2017 pay chart. Or look at your celery slip. Withdraw 15% of basic pay. And if you still don’t understand, you can go to AlimLog.com website and get my mobile number. And you will talk to me directly. Thanks

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