Microsoft Teams Digital Transformation of School Edu Sector


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The Punjab government has acquired Microsoft Teams Digital Transformation of School Education Sector. So, the Quaid e Azam Academy QAED has started with the vision of the present government of Pakistan.

However, all teachers will log in first with the given credentials. Therefore, it is an easy task for all teachers working in higher secondary, high, elementary, and primary schools.

Microsoft Teams Digital Transformation of School Edu Sector

Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development (QAED), Punjab is an ISO Certified. So, there are attached departments of the School Education Department. Under the “Punjab Government Rules of Business 2011” with the mandate of providing Professional Development to the public-school teachers and education managers all over Punjab.

Similarly, QAED Punjab in accordance with the vision of the Provincial Government has acquired 0.5 million Special “Microsoft 365-A for Education” licenses for the digital transformation of the School Education Sector across Punjab.

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Accordingly, the government has created 0.37 million (Three Lacs Seventy Thousand) licenses for all Public-School Teachers of Higher Secondary Schools, High Schools, Elementary Schools, and Primary Schools. Similarly, including all administrative tiers of District Education Authorities (DEAs) (Whose data is available in School Information System-SIS). So, the SED has informed about their credentials (Username; Passwords) through their emails provided in the School Information System-SIS Punjab.

Above all, the school education department has arranged it with Microsoft. So, these “Microsoft 365-A for Education” licenses are to be activated immediately. All concerned by at least making log-in to these accounts through already provided credentials (Usernames; Passwords).

Comprehensive training on “Microsoft 365-A for Education” will likely commence in the 4th Week of August 2021 for all Public-School Education Sector across Punjab by QAED Punjab to ensure the digital transformation of Public-School Education Sector as per the vision of the present Government.

At last, I am sharing this letter below for the information of teachers and students. So, they will learn with MS teams online.

Microsoft Teams Digital Transformation Punjab

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