Salary Increase Chart 2021-2022 @25% and 10% in Budget

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I have prepared Salary Increase Chart 2021-2022 @25% and 10%.  The Punjab government has announced salary increase as Special Allowance SA and Adhoc Relief Allowance ARA-2021.

In addition, this has prepared in four rows. The first row is showing about basic pay scale 2017. The second row is about a 25 pc increase at the initial pay of the 2017 pay scale.

After that ad-hoc relief allowance, @10% has included in the third row. The fourth row is showing the total increase concerning bps.

How to read this Salary Increase Chart 2021-2022?

It is an easy task to read it. So, there is no need for help. Therefore, I have discussed it as above. Still, if you need any help then Click Here.

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However, we have prepared a stage-wise salary chart. You may download and use it for free.

Exactly Suitable for which Employees?

This chart is exactly suitable not only for Punjab Employees but also for KPK employees. Therefore, KPK employees will be able to use after the KPK salary increase in 2021.

However, i shall work on the KPK salary increase after the budget speech. It has said that KPK budget speech presentation is on 18th June 2021.

Download Full Basic Pay Scale Chart 2021-2022 pdf

Salary Increase Chart 2021-2022

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