Punjab School Holidays 2021 in Summer Notification Issued

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A Notification regarding Punjab School Holidays 2021 in Summer has issued. So, this notification has issued on 30 June 2021. The notification SO(A-I)1-31/2008 has updated here.

However, the education minister Dr. Murad Raas has tweeted one day ago. In his official Twitter account, he has said that I am willing to give summer holidays in Punjab schools.

Punjab School Holidays 2021 in Summer Notification Issued

In addition, he has added that the government pleased to take action on the summer holidays. So, he has announced summer vacations from 1st July 2021 to 1st August 2021.

Similarly, the education minister has advised the parents and children to follow SOPs. Therefore, I have shared this tweet below for your information.

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Punjab School Holidays 2021 tweet

Now I am sharing a new notification of the Punjab school summer holidays. The government of Punjab has issued this notification after one day of this tweet above. So, there is a reference to a previous notification dated 22-06-2021. It has announced that there is a partial modification.

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In other words, all educational institutes will observe this schedule of summer vacations. So, it has updated for private and government schools.

The schedule is the same as mentioned above in the tweet of Dr. Murad Raas. Please read the notification given below.

Punjab School Holidays 2021 notification

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