Chief Minister Summary for Disparity Reduction Allowance


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Chief minister summary has issued for disparity reduction allowance. So, the government of Punjab finance has updated it. The principal secretary to the chief minister has noted this summary.

However, the federal government has issued a notification in this regard. So, it has ordered to increase this allowance of provincial employees too. therefore, it is necessary to increase @25% on the basic pay scales 2017.

Chief Minister Summary for Disparity Reduction Allowance

In addition,  the govt will give it to those employees who are not getting it before. As said before, some employees are getting an additional allowance equal to 100% of basic pay.


Similarly, this allowance is a performance allowance and admissible from first March this year. So, the departments have mentioned in the form of the list who are not entitled.

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In other words, the provincial govt is saying that the issued notification is only for federal employees. They are negatively demanding here. So, the govt wants to fulfill the demands of provincial employees. But there are financial problems in the Punjab province.

The finance department has given various benefits before this time. So there is disparity among salaries of employees in federal and Punjab.

Watch this video for detail in Urdu

Chief Minister Summary

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