AJK Finance Department Letter of Disparity Reduction Allowance

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AJK Finance Department Letter of Disparity Reduction Allowance. The Finance Department has issued this letter here. So, this letter has submitted to the accountant general AJK Muzaffarabad.

However, this letter has issued on 5th March 2021 for a DRA increase. Similarly, the subject of this letter is the grant of disparity reduction allowance of @25% of basic pay.

AJK Finance Department Letter of Disparity Reduction Allowance

In addition, the government of Azad Jammu & Kashmir agrees to grant this allowance for their employees. As all, you know that the govt of Pakistan has issued a notification in the last week. So, the AJK govt has taken this step after the federal govt of Pakistan.

In other words, the AJK govt will take the same steps to increase disparity reduction allowance. The same steps mean as the federal govt has done before. Therefore, the list of employees who are getting additional allowance before has shown with the letter.

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Some of the employees in AJK are getting salaries or allowance equal to 100% of the basic pay. So, this is a performance allowance. The govt will give this allowance to employees as their performance.

At last, I am sharing this letter of AJK here for your kind information. please share this letter with other employees working in Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

AJK Finance Department Letter
AJK Finance Department Letter

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