Kashmir Holiday (2024) in Punjab Pakistan on 5 February

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Kashmir Solidarity Day: Remembering the Struggle for Peace and Justice – 5th August. Next Kashmir Holiday (2024) in Punjab Pakistan on 5 February



On 5th August, the international community observes Kashmir Solidarity Day, a solemn occasion to show support and empathy for the people of the disputed region of Kashmir. This day holds particular significance as it commemorates a long-standing struggle for peace and justice in one of the most contentious territories in the world. The plight of the Kashmiri people has been a subject of international concern, with a history marred by conflict, human rights violations, and political complexities.

A Historical Context

Kashmir, nestled in the northern part of the Indian subcontinent, has been a hotbed of territorial disputes for decades. The region’s troubled history dates back to 1947, when British colonial rule came to an end, leading to the partition of British India into two independent states, India and Pakistan. The princely state of Jammu and Kashmir, with a Muslim majority but a Hindu ruler, found itself at the center of the partition’s aftermath.

The decision to remain independent or accede to either India or Pakistan rested with the then-ruler Maharaja Hari Singh. Ultimately, in October 1947, fearing invasion from tribal forces backed by Pakistan, he acceded to India, leading to the outbreak of the first Indo-Pakistani War.

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The Conflict and Human Rights Issues

The Kashmir conflict, born out of the partition, has since resulted in numerous wars and skirmishes between India and Pakistan. The region remains divided, with India controlling the majority of it, Pakistan occupying some parts, and China claiming a portion known as Aksai Chin.

The conflict’s human toll has been immense, with widespread human rights violations reported on both sides of the Line of Control (LoC). These violations include extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, torture, arbitrary arrests, and sexual violence, which have led to immense suffering for the Kashmiri people.

Furthermore, the presence of security forces and the ongoing state of armed conflict has also affected the region’s social and economic development. Access to basic necessities, healthcare, and education has been severely hampered, making life even more challenging for the people of Kashmir.

International Response and Efforts for Peace

Over the years, the international community has expressed concern about the situation in Kashmir, urging India and Pakistan to resolve their differences through peaceful dialogue and diplomacy. Several resolutions have been passed in the United Nations, calling for a plebiscite to determine the region’s future. However, the issue remains unresolved, perpetuating the sufferings of the people.

Efforts have been made to initiate dialogue between India and Pakistan, but tensions persist, hindering any significant progress towards a lasting resolution. The involvement of various stakeholders, including the Kashmiri people, remains crucial for a sustainable and peaceful solution to the crisis.

Kashmir Solidarity Public Holiday 2018 Press Release by Interior Ministry

Solidarity Day Kashmir: A Symbol of Support and Empathy

Kashmir Solidarity Day observed on 5th August, serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges faced by the Kashmiri people and their aspirations for peace, justice, and self-determination. On this day, people from around the world come together to express their solidarity with the people of Kashmir and to call for an end to the violence and human rights abuses in the region.

It is an opportunity for the international community to renew its commitment to finding a peaceful and just resolution to the Kashmir conflict. Diplomatic efforts must be intensified, and the voices of the Kashmiri people should be heard and included in any negotiations or dialogue processes.

Kashmir Holiday 2024 in Punjab Pakistan on 5 February. A press release will be issued in this regard. So, the Punjab govt notification for Kashmir solidarity day.

However, we observe a public holiday on 5th February every year. So, we shall observe the same this year too. Therefore, the Punjab govt has issued a notification on 29 January.

Upcoming Kashmir Holiday (2024) in Punjab Pakistan on 5 February

In addition, the services & general administration issue a press release. A previous press release No. is SOW(S&GAD)1-4(P-III). So, the Punjab govt has notified about this public holiday.

In other words, the Pakistan employees including Punjab will observe a public holiday on 5 Feb.

The people of Pakistan will show moral and political support to Kashmiris. So, they are struggling for self-determination. Therefore, the government of Pakistan pays a salute to them. Similarly, all people want to honor Kashmiris Shuhdas.

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At 10:00 am on 5th Feb, the government institutions and all people will observe one-minute silence. It will pay great tribute to all Kashmiris.

So, it has described publishing this press release. All English and Urdu daily newspapers will publish for public information.

It has ordered to be aware of national and local levels in the country. Similarly, electronic media will show publicity worldwide.

Old Press Release below:

Kashmir Holiday 2021
Kashmir Holiday 2021


Kashmir Solidarity Day on 5th August is more than just a commemoration; it is a call to action. The long-standing conflict and the suffering of the Kashmiri people demand urgent attention and redress. As responsible global citizens, we must continue to advocate for peace, justice, and the protection of human rights in the region. Only through meaningful dialogue, empathy, and understanding can we hope to achieve a lasting solution that brings peace and stability to the beautiful land of Kashmir and its resilient people.

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