E-Transfer Single Science Teacher Allowed in Punjab Schools

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E-Transfer Single Science Teacher Allowed in Punjab Schools. Petitioners. Shuai Haider, SST (Sc), and two others Respondent. DEO (W-EE), Chakwal as Departmental Representative of CEO (DEA, Chakwal)

Precise facts of the case are that the petitioners have filed a writ Petition No 2174/2020 in which Honorable Lahore High Court. Rawalpindi Bench. Rawalpindi passed the order on 10 November 2020 the operative Part, are which reproduced there.

°Petitioners have directed to approach the Special Secretary (Operations), School Education Department, with all necessary records within three days. So, the grievance addressed and redressed. Similarly, the report has expected submission on the next date of hearing”

E-Transfer Single Science Teacher Allowed in Punjab Schools

However, the petitioners had afforded an opportunity of personal hearing as per court directions. So, in the presence of representative of CEO District Education Authority DEA Chakwal & heard at length

Therefore, the petitioners submitted that IT Teachers have an opportunity to apply for E-Transfer. They may apply if there is a single IT Teacher in a school. Similarly, SST (Science) & IT Teacher both are technical posts. But there is no opportunity for science teachers to apply for E-transfer. The petitioners further contend that the petitioners have treated discriminatorily by the Department. An opportunity for transfer has also given to the petitioners.

  1. AND WHEREAS, it has revealed from a perusal of the record that petitioners had not given the opportunity to apply online due to a single science teacher in the school.

Whereas, clause -3 of the Transfer Policy 2013 allowed IT Teachers to get this opportunity. The contention of the petitioners is genuine.

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At last, the Secretary SED has accepted their representation. So, the petitioners Shuja Haider, etc. have given an opportunity to apply as a single teacher. Therefore, in the next round of E-Transfer, he will be able to apply. As proposed amendment in the E-Transfer Policy 2013, there is the opportunity for all categories of single teachers. Which will be submitted to the competent authority to allow all the categories of the single teacher to get themselves transferred after serving in the school for more than three years.

E-Transfer Single Science Teacher
E-Transfer Single Science Teacher

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