Basic Pay Scale Chart 2021 Punjab Educators with Pay Protection


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Basic Pay Scale Chart 2021 Punjab Educators with Pay Protection. So, Punjab Educators Association has updated the salary chart after the pay protection case. All you know that the Supreme court of Pakistan has ordered the Punjab government to give pay protection.

However, we have uploaded a judgment sheet here. Similarly, we have discussed it in detail for educators before. Today I shall discuss on salary chart of educators.

Basic Pay Scale Chart 2021 Punjab Educators with Pay Protection

In addition, the educators in Punjab have recruited firstly in the year 2002. Before that SSMT & JSMT had recruited in 2000. Therefore, all these educators were working on a contract basis in the education department.

After two years, the educators again recruited in 2004 and then in 2006. Similarly, before regularization, they recruited in July 2009. After regularization, the salary goes back to the initial position. So, this was shocking for educators of Punjab.


At that time, they go to chief secretary Punjab for pay protection. So, they were still struggling for the last ten years in this regard. Therefore, the educators association decides to go to the Punjab service tribunal.

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The personal allowance has included at the time of regularization. This personal allowance will be included in the salary of educators after pay protection.

Now I am sharing three salary charts for SSEs, SESEs, and ESEs. You may download these salary charts here.

  1. Download Salary Chart for SSEs with Pay Protection
  2. Salary Chart for SESEs with Pay Protection Download  Now
  3. Download Salary Chart for ESEs with Pay Protection
Basic Pay Scale Chart
Basic Pay Scale Chart

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