SIS App NSB Accounts & IBAN of All Punjab Schools

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SIS App NSB Accounts & IBAN of All Punjab Schools has updated. A letter has issued on 30th December 2020. PMIU & PESRP has issued this newsletter here. PMIU means Program Monitoring Implementation Unit. Similarly, PESRP stands for Punjab Education Sector Reforms Program.

However, the government of Punjab has established these two new departments a few years ago. So, MA/PESRP/ASC/2019-21239 has issued in December this year.

SIS App NSB Accounts & IBAN of All Punjab Schools

In addition, the government has submitted this letter to district concerned offices in Punjab. Therefore, it was necessary to collect NSB accounts data in this regard. All you know that the school information System SIS has established for schools in the province.

In other words, the government has launched an App. Now, it has ordered to enter the international bank account number IBAN. So, all public schools will complete this task as soon as possible.

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Headteachers are responsible to complete this task. They may take the help of IT teachers. So, they will ask for 24 Alphanumeric IBAN. This IBAN will help them in NSB accounts functionality in the future.

The competent authority has announced the importance of IBAN. They will take key decisions on the basis of SIS correct data. The program director has signed and delivered this letter on a priority basis.

SIS App NSB Accounts

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