Pakistani Interior Minister Letter regarding Protest of Clerks


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Pakistani Interior Minister Letter regarding Protest of Clerks has issued. So, It has mentioned that clerks will protest on 12th January. Now federal interior minister is Sheikh Rashid.

However, the prime minister imran khan has appointed recently Sheikh Rashid Ahmed as Federal Interior minister. So, he has iniated procedure for this letter.

Pakistani Interior Minister Letter regarding Protest of Clerks

In addition, the subject of this letter is protest call of Pensioners, clerks and labours. So, they will organize to protest on 12th January 2021. Therefore, the authorities have mentioned various departments in the letter.

In other words, the government wants to handle this protest with good manners. These employees will protest in Red Zone. Before that, a committee has met with the association leaders. But no result achieved there.


Similarly, PDM has announced to protest on 19th January. So, there is a chance that PDM will participate in the protest of employees.

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Now interior minister has ordered to way forward for protest. Sheikh Rashid Ahmed will met with leadership of clerks before 12th January.

Similarly, there is order for concerned ministers to met with employees. It has ordered to solve the problems of employees under law and policy.

Pakistani Interior Minister Letter
Pakistani Interior Minister Letter

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