English Teacher Punjab & Advance Increments Order of Finance


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The government has issued an English Teacher Punjab Finance Department Order of Increments. This is a letter of advance increments to English teachers. So, this letter has written to the section officer finance department Punjab.

Advance Increments to English Teacher Punjab Finance Department

However, the letter-number is SO(SE-III) 5-314/ 2020. Therefore, the subject has given like grant of advance increments to English teachers. The school education department has officially updated this letter.

In addition, this department has already written a letter No. as given in the image below. This letter has written on 6th November 2020.  The same letter as wrote now.

In other words, these English teachers have applied in the court before against different writ petitions. So, the court has examined this case. Now the court has allowed advance increments to these English teachers now.


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The appellants will get advance increments on the basis of higher qualification. So, the apex court has decided on the basis of the case. Similarly, it has mentioned that some English teachers are already getting this benefit.

At last, the court authority has announced to give advance increments to all English teachers. So, it is a good opportunity for those Who is not availing of this benefit before?

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Advance Increments for English Teacher Punjab Finance


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