House Rent Allowance 2020

House Rent Allowance 2020 New Chart After Summary Approval


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House Rent Allowance 2020
House Rent Allowance 2020

House Rent Allowance 2020 New Chart has uploaded here after Summary Approval of CM Punjab. The Finance department of Punjab will issue a notification soon. Therefore, a house requisition will be approved for all employees in Punjab.

In addition, the detail of the increase in house rent allowance has given here for government servants. All government employees are happy after listening to such type of news.

House Rent Allowance 2020 Chart:

The finance department Punjab committee will approve this house rent chart soon for employees. The prime minister has approved this house rent allowance for federal workers.  So, according to the sources, all provincial employees will get the benefit from HR allowance in the future.


However, in the provincial employees, Punjab government workers are happy with this news. They are enjoying this news because after a long time they could not listen to it.

Similarly, all workers from other provinces are also happy that they will get some benefit in the future.

The government will approve a scale-wise allowance for employees. The employees will get the benefit from that allowance on monthly basis. So, it is new hope after budget 2020.

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The latest House Rent Allowance Chart 2020 is as under,

Basic Scale of an Employee House Rent Allowance Monthly
01 4800
02 4900
03 5050
04 5200
05 5400
06 5600
07 5800
08 6000
09 6200
10 6400
11 6600
12 7000
13 7500
14 8000
15 8500
16 10000
17 16000
18 20000
19 31000
20 36000
21 40000
22 43000

Full Detail in Urdu

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