Rationalization in High Court

Rationalization in High Court Lahore Today School Punjab

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Rationalization in High Court
Rationalization in High Court

Punjab teachers have challenged Rationalization in High Court Lahore Today for School Punjab teacher. But the judges have closed this writ petition. So, the judge has decided against the Punjab teachers.

Writ Petition for Rationalization 2020:

In addition, the school education department has ordered as per e-transfer on rationalization on 18th August 2020. Therefore, it was hurting news for teachers of Punjab. So, they filed a writ petition to stop the rationalization process. So, Punjab teachers association file it in Lahore High court on 25th August. At last, the court decides against teachers on 26 August and closes this writ petition file.

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Press Conference and Rationalization in High Court Lahore:

Teachers’ concerns over Punjab education minister’s conference:

* Punjab government should not show stubbornness on rationalization of senior teachers, ground realities

Also, keep in mind, the education sector is drowning due to anti-education policies, we will enhance the quality education. It has destroyed now.

First Phase Orders of Rationalization:

* The exchanges made in the first phase on August 18 are against the policy. This has also come to light in the records of SIS (School Education System) and it has also appeared in the complaint cell that the disabled teachers have also been transferred.

Distance and male/female school Issue:

* Male teachers sent to female teachers’ schools. The SED HAS transferred teachers 40 to 70 km away. School education has rationalized senior-most teachers.

Ground Realities:

* It is a pity that Mr. Punjab Education Minister Murad Ras Sahib has shown his stubbornness in the press conference without understanding the real and ground realities.

Rationalization on Option:

* If rationalization is so necessary, then, first of all,   the CEOs of all the districts (District Education Authorities) should ask about the option of school and the door of this consent should be opened for the junior teachers as well.

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Rationalization 2014:

* In 2014, under the guise of rationalization, hundreds of EST teachers have shifted to primary schools. So, Later, after severe protests by teachers’ organizations, these teachers have sent back to their first schools but in different districts of Punjab including the Attock district. Many EST teachers have posted in primary schools since 2014. They should be sent back to their first schools.

* The Punjab Education Minister has also said that the teachers have to take their Corona test out of their own pocket before the school opens. So, In this era of inflation, an additional economic burden has been placed on poor teachers. If the corona test is mandatory, the government should officially conduct the corona test of teachers at its own expense.

*However,  If the government of the time really claims education-friendliness and certainly wants to raise the standard of education, then it is imperative to take the teachers’ organizations into confidence, otherwise the fight for their legitimate rights against this pedagogical policy will continue. Yes, success and failure are in the hands of Allah. With his help, we will continue our struggle.

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