Pay & Pension Finance Notification Punjab Govt Employees

Punjab Govt has updated Pay & Pension Finance Notification for Employees. Punjab Finance Department has issued this notification. This notification is about pay & pension disbursement. This letter has submitted to treasury officers and accountant general of Punjab province. They will take action to disburse salary and pension for the govt employees.

Why Pay & Pension Finance Notification issued?

This notification has issued for the Muslim community. All you know that Eid-ul-Fitr has expected till 24th May. So, the government will disburse the salary and pension before eid days. That was a reason to issue this letter. This is a disbursement pay & pension in advance for this month of May.

However, in the letter, it has written that pay & pension disbursement will be in advance on 18th May 2020. In addition, It has told that Eid-ul-Fitr is coming in this month of May 2020. Therefore, it is a big festival for the Muslim community in the world after Ramzan.

So, they will celebrate this eid after Ramzan 2020.

Pay & Pension Finance Notification
Pay & Pension Finance Notification

Punjab pay & pension disbursement is necessary for all employees. On Eid-ul-Fitr, it is important for all to purchase essential products. They will buy clothes for their children. Similarly, there are different expenses on ‘Eid.

Pay & Pension Disbursement Sindh:

However, the Sindh government has also issued the same notification for their employees. This notification has issued on the same date 6th May 2020. Similarly, the Sindh government has announced that pay & pension disbursement will be followed as per Punjab government date 18th May.

In this notification, it has mentioned that eid will be expected on 24th or 25th May. So, it is important for all these employees to tackle financial expenses on Eid. Therefore, both the provincial government has decided to disburse salaries and pension before Eid.

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