Supreme Court Justices Federal Government Employees 20% Allowances


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Supreme Court Justices Federal Government Employees Special Salary & Allowances
The Supreme Court justices the decision of the Division Bench. Islamabad High Court ordered to give a 20% special salary and allowances to a federal government employee.

Supreme Court Justices

Supreme Court Justice Maqbool Baqir heads three-member bench in court. He heard the case regarding granting secretarial allowance to all federal government employees.
Therefore, it is pertinent to mention that all for you here. A single bench Islamabad High Court ordered all federal government employees for special allowance. So, the division bench approved the federal Intra court appeal and withdrew the allowance.
For instance, the employee demands a 100% increase in basic salaries. Public servants from grades one to 22 hope it in the future.

Supreme Court Justices Federal Government Employees:

Similarly, Supreme Court orders PIA employees to check degrees. The court orders to verify and report for further implementation.
The federal employee challenged the High Court’s Division Bench decision in the Supreme Court.
During the hearing today, the Supreme Court upheld the decision of the Division Bench. Islamabad High Court rejects the employee’s appeals before.
Federal employees’ lawyer Shoaib Shaheen said the secretariat allowance was only paid to employees working in the ministries. He added that employees of the ministries were not given secretariat allowance.
The Supreme Court ordered the federal government to grant a 20 percent secretarial allowance. It is for all federal government employees. The federal government could not discriminate against the employee.


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The Jang News Today:

Supreme Court rejects the decision of the division bench of High Court Islamabad. Meanwhile, SC grants a 20% secretarial allowance to all federal employees. In addition, SC grants appeal to employees. Likewise, the Justice Maqbool Baqir headed a three-member bench. The court said that the federal government could not discriminate with employees. An employee would get a 20% secretariat allowance. Advocate Shoaib Shaheen said that secretariat allowance was only available to employees working in ministries. These are employees to secretaries of ministries. Similarly, other employees do not avail secretariat allowance. How can the government discriminate between its own employees?
Therefore, a single Bench of Islamabad High Court ordered employees to be granted an allowance. Division Bench stopped grant of allowance. This bench has approved federal appeal. All employees challenged the decision of the High Court’s division bench.

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