Karachi Cold Weather, Dubai Floods

Karachi Cold Weather, Dubai Floods, Australia Fires and United States

Last Updated on September 17, 2021 by Ilmilog Guru

Karachi Cold Weather, Dubai Floods, Australia Fires and heat in the United States
The Karachi cold weather, the Dubai floods, and the United States heat in January 2020 has shocked people this year. Hot cities like Lahore and Delhi are in the grip of historic cold these days.
The changing season’s intensity even touches the Middle East. Where the dry deserts are hit by heavy rains in the form of floods. The Australian fire has changed the whole season of the country.
Social media consumers are complaining of extreme heat in America and unseasonal rains in Dubai. The people are uploading flood videos in Dubai. The people are wearing blankets in Karachi city.
They are sharing photos of the heat.  There is warm air in the USA. It is getting colder in Karachi this time. People have forced the heaters to move In the rooms. The bus is not running easily in the city.
All the blankets in the house are covered up to go out. Therefore, some people are getting so cold. Therefore, they want to give holidays in schools, colleges, and so on by the Sindh government. Some young ones are hoping to go cold into the negative temperature and who would have thought that like Dubai?

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Who was in the situation to receive enough rain in January 2020? Some people even ask if there is a sewage system in a city like Dubai. They were told that there is a brothel system but for light rains, who was expecting a flood and heavy rain in the city.
However, everything from hospitals to airports had to be shut down. The cancellation of flights arriving and departing from Dubai made the entire world system so difficult.
Lastly, the ILMILOG team has shared a weather update for you. Therefore, we will try our best to help you later on.


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