Latest PPSC Education Jobs 2020 for Educators in the Schools of Punjab

(37000 PPSC Education Jobs 2020) | (Punjab School Jobs 2020) | (Punjab Teaching Jobs 2020)
Latest PPSC Education Jobs 2020
Latest PPSC Education Jobs 2020
Upcoming PPSC Jobs New Education Jobs 2020 under Punjab School Education Department through PPSC Punjab Public Service Commission in December 2019 inshallah.
New Education Jobs 2020 are being announced in December 2019 inshallah through (Punjab Public Service Commission) PPSC in the whole Punjab for filling all available vacant posts in the schools of Punjab.
The following Education Jobs 2020 is being announced soon.
·        ESE (Elementary School Educator) Arts in BS-14
·        ESE (Elementary School Educator) Science in BS-14
·        SESE (Senior Elementary School Educator) Arts in BS-15
·        SESE (Senior Elementary School Educator) Science in BS-15
·        SESE (Senior Elementary School Educator) Arabic in BS-15
·        SESE (Senior Elementary School Educator) Physical in BS-15
·        SESE (Senior Elementary School Educator) Drawing in BS-15
·        SESE (Senior Elementary School Educator) Computer Science in BS-15
·        SSE (Secondary School Educators) Arts in BS-16
·        SSE (Secondary School Educators) Science in BS-16
·        SSE (Secondary School Educators) Computer Science in BS-16
·        AEO (Assistant Education Officer) in BS-16
 How many Posts:
37000 posts are being announced in upcoming education jobs 2020 through Punjab public service commission soon.
Age Limit:
Age Limit for Female:
(20 Years to 30 Years) + (8 Years age relaxation) = Total 38 Years (age limit for female).
Age limit for Male:
(20 Years to 30 Years) + (5 Years age relaxation) = Total 35 Years (age limit for male).
Required Qualification:
Minimum required qualification for the Punjab Education Jobs 2020 is BA/BSc. Whereas Master degree holders will be preferred and similarly, higher grade educators will be posted if the candidates have a master’s degree.
Assistant Education Officers:  
Assistant Education Officers are already working in the Education Department. So, Punjab school education has eradicated the DTE posts (District Teacher Educator) and all responsibilities are being handed over to the Assistant Education Officers AEOs in the future. Now Assistant Education Officers AEOs will work as master trainers for all QAED academies in Punjab. All you know that Directorate of staff development DSD has been changed into Quaid-e-Azam Academy for Educational Development QAED. Now Assistant Education Officers will also be recruited in education jobs 2020.
Contract Recruitment Policy 2020:
Punjab Public Service Commission is the first choice to recruit educator jobs. As you all know that Punjab government recruited educators through national testing service in the past. NTS test was taken by the department in the past. Recently, when the department will go to recruit through PPSC then it is very clear that all rules of Punjab Public Service Commission will be applied to the recruitment in the future. Education jobs 2020 will be a new idea and new experience not only for the department but also for the candidates in Punjab province.
Regularization of Education Jobs:
In the past policy, it is clear that all educators will be regularized after completion of three years of contract service. So, I think the same policy will be considered in the future. It may change up to five years of contract service but it will be difficult to choose for the department now. Punjab public service commission starts five years of new contract service in the policy. It may change in the case of educator jobs in Punjab.

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