EOBI Pension Increase & Approval of Maternity and Paternity Leave Bill

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EOBI Pension Increase & Approval of Maternity and Paternity Leave Bill
EOBI Pension Increase
EOBI Pension Increase
Two top news regarding government employees has published here on this page. One is about EOBI pension for old age pensioners. And other news about maternity and paternity leave.
In the EOBI pension news, the government has increased the EOBI pension with effect from 1 January 2020. So, the committee in the Senate has approved a bill regarding maternity and paternity leave. It has also said that there are different new reforms of FBR tax returns in the year.

1. EOBI Pension Increase:

The government has increased the amount of EOBI pension from 6500 to 8500. The Zulfi Bukhari Prime Minister’s Special Assistant announced the annual amount of a 30% increase for EOBI pensioners. Which will be effective from 1 January 2020.
On Thursday, addressing the ceremony in Islamabad Prime Minister’s Special Assistant Zulfi Bukhari. He has said that after 1 January 2020, the EOBI pensioners will get 8,500 rupees monthly pension. A summary of the EOBI pension will present at the next Federal Cabinet meeting for approval. We plan to increase this amount to 15,000 rupees by the end of the term.
Zulfi Bukhari said that there are 18 schemes worth billions of rupees and subject to litigation. These legal issues will resolve soon. So that the government of Pakistan can increase the pension amount by 15000 rupees monthly.
Prime Minister Imran Khan also said that our government has increased the pension for EOBI pensioners. Which has received by EOBI to the old pensioners by 62%.
On the other hand, the old pensioners received 5250 rupees from EOBI but now the government has increased the amount to 8500 rupees.

Maternity and Paternity in the Senate:

The maternity and paternity bill has been approved. The Finance Senate Standing Committee approved this maternity & paternity bill. It is said that the mother avail leaves on the birth of a child as maternity leave so the father will avail paternity leave in this regard.
Shabar Zaidi, Chairman FBR, in the briefing said that the efforts to eliminate the traditional way of tax return, introducing a mobile app for a salaried class for tax return.
Talib Mehmood picks up FBR notices to introduce business tax next year soon for business class.

EOBI Pension Increase & Approval of Maternity and Paternity Leave Bill

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