Budget 2020 & PM Imran Khan Salary Compared with Salaries


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A new pension formula will be introduced with pay and pension increase in the upcoming budget of 2020.
Budget 2020 & PM Imran Khan
PM Imran Khan Salary
Consider increasing the salaries and pensions of current service and retired civil servants of Pakistan. It is expected that an increase will be implemented in the coming budget of 2020 in July.
As per the Daily Jang news Islamabad, the government has started considering increasing the salaries. So, the pensions of the present service and retired civil servants of Pakistan due to a recent 30% to 40 percent
increase in the inflation rate of this country. Pension will increase for the retired employees of Pakistan. So, a good reasonable salary of present civil servants is increasing in this coming budget 2020.
However, there are some retired employees having a low pension. Similarly, they could not survive in this high inflation at that time. So, a proposal to increase the minimum pension formula for retired government employees. Whose pensions are too low is also a suggestion to increase the EOBI pension. Naveed has told that a summary prepared to equate the minimum wage. So the government announces the minimum pension and the EOBI pension about Rs. 10,000.

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Old Cases of Salary:

However, Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi has issued orders for federal employees to issue an award equal to three months’ basic pay. Similarly, the order issued by the Prime Minister’s Principal Secretary, Fawad Hassan Fawad. He said that the salary would be paid from the current fiscal year’s budget. There was no reason to issue the award. So, the order states that the policy will be formulated by the next government to issue honorarium in the future. The orders have also issued to employees participating in the budgeting work for five months’ basic salary.۔
In the past, the award has released for four months.

Budget 2020 & Now PM Imran Khan Salary:

Prime Minister Imran Khan’s salaries and expenditures, which do not utilize government resources, are lower than those of the federal ministers, he has also limited Prime Minister’s employees and other expenses. Prime Minister Imran Khan is taking the salaries of the chief ministers and ministers, according to the Prime Minister’s salary Slip, his basic salary is 107280 rupees. According to celebrity slopes, Prime Minister Imran Khan receives an allowance of 50,000 rupees, an ad hoc relief allowance of 21456 rupees, an ad hoc allowance of 12110 rupees, and another ad hoc relief allowance of 10728 rupees. The tax on the Prime Minister’s salary is deducted at 4595 rupees, after which he gets a salary of 1, 96,979. Compared to Prime Minister Imran Khan, the salaries of federal ministers are close to 2.5 lakh rupees while the Punjab chief minister’s salary is 3 lakh 50 thousand rupees. The salary of a Punjab Assemblymember is about 2 lakh rupees compared to the Prime Minister. Imran Khan has never set up a camp office as Prime Minister, nor has he spent on personal residence, Bani Gala or Zaman Park, he himself has afforded the cost of security barbed wire. He also installed security and barbed wire made of Gala at a cost of 42 lakh rupees.

Budget 2020 & PM Imran Khan Salary Compared with other Minister Salaries

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