Government Jobs in Pakistan Today who is Responsible

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Government Jobs in Pakistan Today Year 2020 Who is Responsible
Government Jobs in Pakistan Today
Government Jobs in Pakistan Today

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However, the government of Pakistan said that it is not our responsibility to provide jobs in Pakistan. So, what will be done with the unemployed youth in the future?
After Fawad Chaudhry, Hafeez Sheikh also said that the government’s job is not to provide jobs in Pakistan. In this situation, a question arises Who is responsible for providing jobs in Pakistan?
After the Federal Minister for Science and Technology Fawad Chaudhry, Advisor to Prime Minister Imran Khan Abdul Hafeez Shaikh has also said that the government’s job is not to provide jobs.
Advocate Hafiz Sheikh says that the government’s job is not to provide jobs in Pakistan but the institutions provide people with jobs.
He said that he could not provide employment to millions of people but could improve the environment for employment.

Government Jobs in Pakistan Today Who is Responsible

Jobs cannot be looked at by the government: Fawad Chaudhry
It may be recalled that last month, Fawad Chaudhry also stated in his statement that jobs could not be looked at by the government. However, in the manifesto submitted by the PTI before the elections, it promised to provide one crore jobs.
Hafiz Sheikh had surprised everyone by saying that tomatoes were available at Rs. 17kg in the past.
Advisor Treasury said that the privatization program is restarting, privatization of LNG power plants, some banks, and insurance companies is being done.
He said that the process of issuing development funds has been accelerated.
Speaking at a seminar on peace and development in Islamabad, Hafeez Sheikh said that without the development of the people, no country can develop, The countries have given priority to public development, and better relations with neighboring countries. Without regional development, impossible.
Eradication of corruption, 5 million houses, one million jobs in Pakistan to be provided: PTI
“We are facing regional problems. The weak regional contacts, and customs infrastructure at the borders is not the same. Pakistan is trying to improve the situation in Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, and Iran are trying to meditate,” he said. US President Donald Trump said he wants peace in the region.

Asian Development Bank:

Asian Development Bank approves a $ 25m technical grant for Pakistan.
Last month, the Asian Development Bank approved a $ 7.7 million loan to improve education in Sindh.
The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has approved a $ 25 million technical grant for Pakistan. But it is not a grant to provide Government Jobs in Pakistan Today.
According to the Asian Development Bank’s announcement, the approved grant will enhance the agriculture sector in rural areas. Punjab will help with technology and better marketing of agricultural products.
Earlier last month, the Asian Development Bank approved a $ 7.5 million loan to improve education in Sindh. has approved.
As per the Asian Development Bank’s statement, the bank is to provide a $ 2.7 billion loan to Pakistan this year. Loans will be provided for the Operations Business Plan of Pakistan and the Business Plan will support development projects in Pakistan.
The Asian Development Bank will lend $ 2.7 billion to Pakistan this year
According to the ADB, the annual average of providing loans to Pakistan will increase to $ 2.4 billion, and the average annual debt supply of the country has increased by $ 1.4 billion during the year 18-2015.
According to the ADB announcement, the Asian Development Bank will provide $ 10 billion in loans to Pakistan in 5 years and this amount will be a subsidized loan for Pakistan.

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